Yungblud shares his perspective on the world and his new album "Weird!"

Co-written with Abby Libbert.

“Just because we can’t touch each other doesn’t mean we can’t feel each other.” That’s Dominic Harrison's, better known by his stage name Yungblud, motto as he embarks on his virtual tour and navigates the music world during the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout a devastating time for both the live music industry and the entire world, Yungblud is striving to continue to bring people together through his newest album and his virtual tour.

Photo by Tom Pallant

“The whole point of this album is to expand my fanbase and meet ten million more people who feel like it’s not okay to be who they are,” he says in a press conference. This sentiment alone shows who Yungblud is, both as an artist and as a person. He wants to create a community where anyone and everyone can feel welcome to be exactly who they are meant to be, even in a time when connection and community feel hard to attain.

Throughout his career in the music industry, Harrison has been an advocate for all different people from all different walks of life. His debut single, “King Charles,” is a self proclaimed protest song about the disadvantages the working class faces. In January of 2018, he released his hit song, “Polygraph Eyes,” where he speaks out against sexual assault against women. These are a few examples of who Yungblud is as an artist, and what he wants to do with his platform, and he has created a community that spans across cultures and across countries filled with individuals who hold the same vision as him and want a place to feel like they belong.

Yungblud’s up and coming album, "Weird!," set to be released on December 4th, is a collection of stories told to him by his fans. It uses the words and stories of his fans themselves to create a community in which it’s okay to be a little bit “weird or different” in a time when we are otherwise divided.

“Yungblud has always been about this culture and about making people, and young people, feel like they’ve got some place to belong no matter what the fuck they might be going through,” he says, when talking about his newest album and the song “Mars.” “The world is so full of shit right now, and it’s full of questions, and it’s full of hate for wanting to ask questions, so I wanted to write an album that would potentially provide people with answers, because ultimately this record is my fanbase’s words.”

With his newest single, "Mars," Yungblud translated a fan's inspiring story into an alt-rock ballad about aspirations and dreams of a new life in California. After one of his shows in Maryland, Yungblud met a fan who had recently come out to her parents as a transgender, and heard her struggles around being different and the lack of acceptance from her family, and transcribed them into the song “Mars.” Yungblud was so moved by her story, he knew he had to do something about it— he knew he had to bring it attention and give awareness and a light to the trans community. “Mars” is a tribute to the fan that he could never forget. He equated the need for a new start in California as the planet Mars, wishing to escape the hell that is discrimination against the trans community and to find peace of mind with who she is. Yungblud is always striving to create a sense of community for his fans to feel at peace with who they are, and this song is just another example of that.

Given that Yungblud had undeniable success in the industry while making a name for himself, it leads the world to question where his ambition and drive come from. For Yungblud, his mission has always been "to tell the fucking truth." Yungblud doesn’t shy away from authenticity, whether people like what he has to say or not. That is his philosophy that he also encourages his fans to practice. Yungblud was personally asked the question, “What’s the formula?” in regards to his success. Sharing this story with an appalled look on his face— he couldn’t believe that the industry assumed it was all secrets and a method to reach the top, when all he did was stay true to himself. He believes telling the truth drives change for the better, and that is his mission on his artistic journey.

Yungblud is currently on a virtual tour promoting his new album. Support Yungblud on his journey to better the world by following him (@yungblud on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) on his socials and stream his new album "Weird!," which releases December 4th.