Wilderado shares wisdom and life advice before delving into a busy spring

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the indie-rock band, Wilderado, is releasing a new song on April 6th! You can’t ask for much more than that. Maxim, Colton, Tyler, and Justin have been putting out music since 2015. The band will be starting their “Where’s Wilderado” tour this May.

Photo via Facebook

The Los Angeles group makes music that is carefully crafted FOR summertime. Think driving around with the windows down, drinking a beer outside, or hammocking in the woods. Wilderado made a soundtrack for that. But where does the indie sound come from? Wilderado tries to “always keep bits and pieces happening. I think the process is making sure there’s something new and intriguing to think about.” 

The band keeps the listener on their toes with varying sounds, from a more folk sound in their song, “Rubble to Rubble,” to a single with more of a heavy whimsical rock sound like, “Now That I’m Older." There is no denying that these songs will make you sing along and ~feel~ the music. 

Photo by Niles Grey Jeran

“I spend a lot of time writing the lyrics. There is a lot of pressure to not ruin something we were all loving before words fell on it. I guess when I’m done, or feel comfortable with it, I feel proud just to have seen the thing through. It felt good finishing the final stanza of now that I’m older - sound and fervor love and haste, start to wonder with open taste.”

So what does Wilderado want people to do when listening to their music? “… Some form of emoting, but at the same time if we were to write something that allowed someone to turn down or check out, that wouldn’t be the worst thing, would it? There sure is a lot going on all the time. Having the opportunity to go somewhere else, even if just in your head, is a wonderful thing. Then maybe return and be happier where you are, or never come back. Hard to say what’s best”. Photo via Facebook

Wilderado's music will take you to new places -- the band has been taking people to somewhere new by playing shows all over the country. From music festivals like Firefly in Delaware, Bonnaroo in Tennesse, and Grandoozy in Colorado. Along with their 18 headlining shows this spring, it’s easy to catch these guys in their element. Not to mention they just finished another EP and are “very close to releasing it!"

After all, they did say one of the best parts about being in a band is “finding out that people listen to your music on their own, and that is means something to them."

​Playing festivals and headlining a tour isn’t as easy as it seems though. Obstacles have presented themselves, “it’s frustrating a lot of the time [being in a band]. I think because it starts as hanging out and writing songs for no good reason you kind of equate that with what it must mean to be in a working band. It’s mostly just the same thing as growing up. Lots of communication is necessary and lots of listening.”

Wilderado gave us some really good life advice. When in doubt, communicate and listen. Seems pretty simple. We asked the group for a little more advice and it did not disappoint. What did they tell us? “Be kind before the rest of your agenda.”

Wilderado is onto something big, and we’re here for it.  Catch up on their music and tour here