We can't get Blue Americans' latest single out of our heads

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

We apologize in advance for introducing you to this group because their latest single is so catchy that there’s a 100% chance it will get stuck in your head. The indie-pop group, Blue Americans, native to Belfast, released “Free Champagne” at the end of March.

The two-piece is made up of Daniel Morgan Ball and Kris Platt. Platt cleared his busy schedule to talk to us briefly about the inspiration behind the new bop.

​“It’s a personal conversation I had or an ongoing one that I’ve been having with a certain person,” he admitted. “It’s the first song in awhile that was lyrically happier, which is lovely. It’s nice to not be depressed all the time. You have to have that bit of happiness in there. The conversation we were having was trying to figure out the in-between of being happy all the time and not being super sad all the time; there’s a place for both. There’s a place for all of your emotions.”

Check out the music video below of Platt swinging his hips to the track, directed by Jaime Neish.

Him and fellow band member, Ball, have known each other since 2008 through college. After separating from another band, the two came together to create Blue Americans. There was a brief break when Platt moved to Paris temporarily, but that didn’t stop them from reuniting to put out music.

“We knew we were on the same page but didn’t know what we wanted to sound like. When I was away, were trying to do it back and forth over email, but it was difficult to figure out what we wanted to sound like. He came over to Paris, and we wrote ‘Apparition,’ which is our previous single. That was the first Blue American song we had properly written. We had done other things before, but they sounded like our old band—something we didn’t really care for until that song.”

​That first song is one of the most important ones to him. Ironically, they almost didn’t release it.

“It’s been in the bin, maybe seven times. But we finally figured it out. That’s the song that got us talking and other people talking to us.”

He also gave us some insight on Belfast’s music scene that’s apparently bumping. Platt thinks it’s due to there not much else going on in the city. However, he did mention some transformations.

“When we were younger, the scene had more independent venues,” he recalled. “Now, they’re all kind of gone, which is really sad. There’s always peaks and troughs like any city. I’d like to see it better with venues coming back, instead of just big ones so kids can put on a show for free. I think any city needs that to flourish musically.”

Amen! We couldn’t agree more. Regardless, there’s no doubt that the band is flourishing and pretty quickly. The actress, Chloe Moretz, stumbled upon their music on Spotify and promoted them. Earlier in March, Blue Americans opened for , who has been making electro pop hits with Major Lazer and gaining popularity fast. We’re excited to see who else they travel and play with this year. As for releasing more music? Platt promises a record is coming in the near future.

Photo via Facebook

“We’re in no rush, but in our heads, we’re in some form of rush. We want to make sure we don’t lose momentum and keep pushing.”