Waterparks are ready to take over the world with their third album, "Fandom"

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Waterparks have just released their third album, Fandom, and it's being sold in stores, specifically Target for the first time ever! The band also did a small tour of acoustic performances and signings if you preordered a copy of the record leading up to the release. If you’re unfamiliar with Waterparks, they are from Houston, Texas and all of their releases have been titled in ABC order. The first single that was released from the album was "Turbulent," also the band's first release with their new record label, Hopeless Records (previously Equal Vision Records).

“Turbulent” is a high energy, aggressive song very similar to “Tantrum” from the previous release, Entertainment. This album is different from anything else they have released, but Waterparks has never fit into one genre. There are slower songs like “High Definition,” and the intro (first) song, that sounds like Stranger Things mixed with The 1975. The album is a very big mix of pop and R&B, and Awsten even raps in “Reboot." This album stands out from all of the previous releases because it has the most variety in sounds, but everything still flows together very nicely.

There’s a song on the album called “Worst,” which Awsten had expressed on Twitter that is about a very messy, public break up. Knight, released the song on Soundcloud via Twitter about a year ago. “Dream Boy” is a commentary on the expectations that fans put on him, literally placing him on a pedestal and expecting him to please them-- a very real issue in the scene today, especially with bigger artists such as Harry Styles or the Jonas Brothers. Young girls idolize them and often forget that they are human and get disappointed whenever they can’t live up to their fantasized expectations. It’s important to see an artist give his perspective on how that kind of idealization takes a toll on his mental health. Awsten has always been an honest writer and has always done a phenomenal job at conveying his emotions through his writing.

10/10. Favorite songs are "What What Happens Next," "Cherry Red," "Turbulent", "Telephone" and "Easy to Hate."