Watch out for indie-pop songstress Lucette

The following interview and photos were taken by Jenny Nguyen.

Lucette's sophomore album Deluxe Hotel Room comes five years after her debut one, Black Is The Color. We talked to her about how this album came together, her favorite things about touring and what she does in her free time when she stopped in St. Louis while on tour with Delta Rae.

Photo by Jennifer Nguyen.

Our questions are in bold.

Hello, how are you doing today?

Im good. It’s the same day for me everyday. On tour, you kind of forget what day it is.

Your album Deluxe Hotel Room came out recently. What was the writing and the recording process like?

It was five years between my first record and this one. Some of the songs I wrote four years ago and some of them I wrote in the last two years. I had twenty songs or so that were ready to go into the studio with and then we cut that down. We really trimmed out the fat. There are some songs I really really love that we didn’t put on the record. It just wasn’t the right fit for this one. I just really wanted to blend everything I loved from different genres. These are the songs that kind of lend themselves the most to it. As far as the writing process to me, I don’t really have a process. What I usually do is make voice memos on my phone when I come up with an idea and revisit it later.

Is there a song on the album that resonates to you more than others?

I think it depends on the day. “Out of the Rain” was the first song I wrote for the record. To me, I just love it because it has a traditional country melody. We modernize it so much, and I think it’s one of the songs people relate to and that is not so obscure that it’s only for one type of person. It’s universa,l and a lot of people can listen to it and be like, “ yeah, I’ve been there.“

What is your favorite part of the music process?

I don’t know. I love it all for different reasons. Playing shows is always so fun and so gratifying to see people get you and see your record come to life. I love being in the studio because you’re making something that has never been there before.

Photo by Jennifer Nguyen.

What is your favorite memory from touring so far?

I love hanging out with friends. Definitely some of the shows have stood out. It’s almost been a month, and there has definitely been things here or there. Definitely the hangs-- I’ve worked with Aaron, my drummer, for six years. He’s in Austin, and I’m in Canada, so when I’m on tour in the states, I’ll hire him. Being able to catch up with him and two other guys with me, it’s been so sweet and awesome. The comradery aspect and we do all the driving ourselves. When you’re stuck in a car with three other people for a month, you really get to know them on a deeper level.

What do you do for fun in your free time that is not music related?

Honestly, probably eat and drink. I go out to eat a lot. I love cooking as well. I hang out with my dog. I think food is next to music to me as one of my favorite art forms.

Lastly, what will fans be seeing from you this year?

Well, I’m playing Americana Fest in Nashville in September, so I’ll be there from September 10th-15th doing some different showcases. The full lineup hasn’t been announced yet, and the schedule hasn’t been released so I don’t know exactly when I’ll be playing. I’ll also will just be playing around Canada and the US.