Video premiere for "Roller Skate" by SkyDive

The Californian dream-pop duo, SkyDive, dropped the music video today for their latest single, "Roller Skate," off their upcoming EP. The visual becomes an anecdote for an alien romance quest in the San Diego desert.

The concept started after vocalist Jack Mason-Brase connected the word, "roller skate," to his personal relationship with his partner.

"My partner roller skates a lot, and it’s a cool, retro hobby. I had the name for it but had no idea what it would be about. I was thinking about what vibes I wanted to carry over to the song and this sort of runaway to Vegas vibe came to mind so I blended the two ideas together.”

It wasn't until the other half of SkyDive, Khue Bui, suggested adding some extraterrestrial excitement and some aesthetic tweaking that the visual came full circle.

“It was originally supposed to be just let’s run away, go to the desert, have a very lovey-dovey video, have tons of pastels and cute things. I presented that idea to Khue, and in a very nice way he said, ‘That’s pretty boring; how can we make this exciting?’ That’s where the aliens came in," said Mason-Brase.

Keeping to a true SkyDive aesthetic, the guys inserted subtitles to follow along to the music video in both English and French, adding another layer of dimension to the creativity.

“We’ve always been interested in the aesthetic of old movies, and this video itself feels very 80’s. I think one of the things I kind of like about these old movies is they kind of get rerecorded and reproduced and are done in a hasty way. We wanted to add a layer of cheekiness and aesthetic to it,” said Bui.

Much like the music video, the song, "Roller Skate," is a hopeful declaration with a mixture of synths compiled on guitar riffs and an upbeat rhythm.

I want to roller skate with you for the rest of our lives

I am so lovesick 'bout you like I'm catching a vibe

Groove to the sound of the pink radio

Babe feels like Vegas is just down the road

SkyDive hasn't announced an official EP date, but "Roller Skate" is a good precedent of the type of music to come. Buoyant, honest and intricate.

“Our previous EPs dealt a lot with pain but this one is about going to vegas and getting married," said Bui. "Our songs have always had this contrast between being happy tunes and serious or sad subject matter. I feel like this EP is adding more to that. We still have some of that but we’re adding more of this hopefulness and happiness that we haven’t seen in our previous projects.”

Watch the video below:

Directed by Theone Ly. Written and edited by Jack Mason-Brase.