Vesperteen begins new era

"There are artists that I love that I can't even understand the lyrics or they're singing in a another language or something like that, and it still feels like it's affecting me in a deep level. I think all music if it's genuine can do that."

From struggling to fill a setlist to connecting with fans all over the world through his music, Colin Rigsby AKA Vesperteen, released his highly anticipated single, "Operate," on December 7th.

The single is the first being released from a series titled, V.E.G.A. The healing properties of "Operate" tackle the notion of not ignoring mental health and doing something about it. The words Rigsby echos are honest and encouraging, creating a space for listeners to be frank and tackle their mental health straight on.

"I don't need an x-ray to see it's not okay."

In this 19 minute clip. Rigsby dives into his new music, mental health and touring.

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