Van Houten make themselves known with single, "Moon"

The UK indie-pop group, Van Houten, dropped the first track this past Friday from their debut self-titled record out via Clue Records on September 13th. “Moon,” a three and a half minute atypical love song, showcases the quintet’s ability to fuse 60s and 70s components into a modern day indie-pop banger.

The opening chord progression immediately gave me a sense of nostalgia. Van Houten has managed to combine whimsical sounds and vintage elements to produce a sensory experience only a kaleidoscope can manage.

Love I'll give you the moon we're floating around this place

You always leave so soon

Vocalist Louis Sadler’s tone is spellbinding with the addition of his bandmates’ harmonization. The zany arrangements transport you into a dreamy headspace.

Can you feel the world swallow you up

The ending seems to start again and over again

“Moon” is a bit of a labyrinth in the way it progresses, transitioning from talking about a new love to really delving into a dreary self-reflection. Yet, Sadler's honesty is masked by his songwriting skills by pacifying the listener into feeling comforted by the psychedelic sequences rather than focusing on the rawness and fragility he's singing about.

And I could be all the things you're not

If you'd let me fall apart for you

Only You

I predict Van Houten's music will send them on a transatlantic journey to North America. In the mean time, Van Houten’s debut record will be available everywhere September 13th.

Upcoming show dates:

August 3rd - Peddler, Sheffield August 24th - This Must Be The Place Festival, Leeds (with Bill Ryder Jones) September 4th - The Social, London