Underline The Sky: The female-fronted band of your dreams

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Ok, but seriously, why don't we see more Female-fronted alternative bands these days? Don’t get me wrong, there are amazing artists in various genres such as Dua Lipa, Kesha, and Sza. BUT take a look at the alternative pop-punk genre and try to think of five bands with a Female lead that gets recognition. Paramore, Tonight Alive, Tigers Jaw, PVRIS...... then it gets a little harder. 

At Dark Matter, we believe it's VITAL TO OUR HEALTH to support and recognize ALL badass women and talented musicians that make up every genre and subgroup. 

Cue the ~sparkles and spotlights~ while we present the British Alt-Rock band, Underline The Sky.  Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, the group is looking forward to the productive months ahead of them. We had the opportunity to speak with Bronwyn Cooper, (the front-woman and mega-talented lead vocalist), about the band’s 2018 plans. “We’ve been writing and recording for the last year, and the plan is—we found that

Photo by Wild Kite Visual albums are quite difficult to get ready and send out so we’ve decided what we’re going to do is release songs with videos,” she said. “Then once all the videos and singles are out, we will probably release an album where everyone can get them all together, but it’s not like we’re going to say we are releasing an album. It’s more like we just want to release songs and videos, just a bit more relaxed and have fun with it.”

Their new single and accompanying music video titled, “Hey Misery,” takes all of us back to the early days of Warped Tour. We're getting Paramore's, “All We Know is Falling” and Blink-182’s, self-titled album vibes.  “Dan does most of the writing, and his style is kind of pop-rocky, pop-punky vibe because he’s grown up with New Found Glory, Blink-182, and All Time Low. We’ve loved all that, and we try to incorporate that all together,” she said. “We like to think we kind of have a unique sound. Like when people hear it, they’re like, ‘Oh, yeah. That’s them,’ which is what we’ve always wanted to do. We have been on the heavier side as well, which is quite good, but we still have the element of the pop-iness that people like.”

Focusing on releasing singles AND music videos at the same time is like time-traveling back to the days when TRL was cool. Bronwyn said they have to give their videographer, Darren Meitiner, the credit. “We help each other out. He and I sit down together about what I want to get across, and then he’ll say whether or not it’s possible and add to it, and it kind of comes out as a fun piece of work. We think it keeps getting better and better, which is nice.”

Besides releasing their own content, the band is known for covering songs that you wouldn’t hear at a pop-punk concert like Taylor Swift’s, “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and Beyonce’s “Halo.” “I don’t like hearing a cover when it sounds exactly the same as the original but worse. We like to pick really poppy ones,” said Bronwyn. “Sometimes we pick proper heavy ones, and make it pop-ier but we like to pick pop songs that you wouldn’t expect to hear on a pop-punk album and not realize it’s Taylor Swift. We like to see if we can change it enough and for people to recognize it and know what it is.”

Our hearts melted when Bronwyn told us that she and Dan are together. It’s always interesting to see two band members in a relationship and how it affects the band’s material and collaboration. “Dan and I are actually together so we have a studio in our house. So he can just sit down and an idea comes to him,” she said. “He’ll write it, get pretty much the whole structure done, and I will help him with lyrics and melodies. He’s not actually a singer, I mean he can sing a tune—bless him! But, he likes to have my input with that kind of thing. I think we balance each other out really, really well. So it is just him and I who do it at the moment, but then the guys will learn it and play along with us.”

I asked Browyn, how she thought their relationship affected Underline The Sky’s music and overall "sound." “Funnily enough, I’d like to say something really deep and meaningful, but I think Dan and I have been together since the beginning. We’re engaged now. So, we’ve been in a band and lived together for so long. I don’t know if he’d admit it, but I think if I piss him off in an argument, he might use it against me in a song. He’s quite an emo-kid. He loves his pop-punk and his lyrics definitely go with what he’s feeling and then I’ll add things that will sound better because maybe I’m not in the same mood.”

Underline The Sky has toured the U.K. in its entirety but hasn’t made it to the U.S. yet. A lot of their favorite bands are American so there was no surprise when she said that Warped Tour ending was the “worst news ever.” They’ve played V-Festival in 2009 and would love to be a part of Slam Dunk Festival in the future. We’re excited to see what this band puts out this year. Bronwyn said they’re already shooting another music video this month for their new single, “Fate In Our Stars.” 

Make sure to listen to their album, "Here's Looking at You, Kid" and view their new music videos here