Turnover at Warehouse Live in Houston, TX

Virginia Beach based band, Turnover, kicked off their latest U.S. tour at Warehouse Live in Houston, TX last Friday night.

Ever since the release of their latest album, "Good Nature," in 2017, it seems like Turnover have been non-stop on the road supporting it. This was the third time the band took the stage in Houston in the past two years, and I was thrilled to finally have the chance to catch their set.

The show kicked off with up and comers, Reptaliens, and Baltimore based hardcore band, Turnstile, who definitely were a stark contrast to the dreamy chill wave music that Turnover offers, but both openers succeeded in getting the crowd amped up for the main act.

Turnover kicked off their set with a crowd favorite "New Scream" from their 2015 album "Peripheral Vision" and immediately the whole room came together in harmony with lead vocalist, Austin Getz. The band made everyone in the room feel at home, quite literally, as their stage set up featured two cartoon houses made out of cardboard and a backdrop projection of images of claymation people drifting through the air and snow during the whole set. Turnover definitely isn't a band you bang your head to or start a mosh pit during, but their soothing dream pop sounds and chill stage presence are nothing short of captivating for the whole audience. The band played through a beautiful 13 song set that almost completely consisted of songs off of "Good Nature" and "Peripheral Vision" split evenly; they even played a new song which I can only hope means even more new music will be coming soon.

There are plenty dates left for Turnover's Spring 2019 tour, but many dates are selling out quickly so make sure you pick up tickets fast if they are coming to a city near you.

Check out some images of Turnstile and Turnover from the show below: