Too Many Zooz & Birocratic at Brooklyn Bowl

A NYC Subway band gone international. If you haven't heard of them, Too Many Zooz is definitely the next band you need to discover. These musicians have found a way to get you on your feet and dance with just three simple instruments: a base drum that never misses a beat (David "King of Sludge"), a snazzy trumpet that makes your adrenaline swell with every crescendo (Matt "Doe"), and a baritone saxophone that's not all dulcet tones (LeoP). For years, their music has stopped crowds during the evening rush in NYC's busiest subways station, and kept them there well past the trains have died down.

Armed with his laptop and bass guitar, Birocratic opened the show and gave us a taste of what original instrumental music can be. Birocratic is not just a loop-maker. He develops and crafts every song from scratch, and he demonstrated this flawlessly. He didn’t just play his work off his laptop. He accompanied his groovy beats with some fantastic bass action! Birocratic is certainly one who knows how to work the crowd. He had the whole venue dancing along to his truly unique sound. He was vibing so hard, he had to have an audience member grab a beer for him!

Birocratic strutted all around that stage, giving us a really remarkable show! He was the perfect warm up to an overall extraordinary night at Brooklyn Bowl. He’s not just a DJ -- he’s an artist, and it shows. His tracks are one-of-a-kind; not just some cookie cutter loop maker in it for the fame.

Performing their self-defined, BRASSHOUSE genre, the Too Many Zooz took the stage in a fanfare of activity. Leo caught the crowd's attention with his groovy bari-sax riffs with The King of Sludge keeping time alongside him; their LED lighting lined clothing dazzling the sold-out house. Soon, Matt Doe joined them in his own blue LED suit, rounding out the ensemble.

The guys performed many of their original tracks, including “Bedford,” “Tricerahops,” and “Warriors,” as well as some impressive covers, such as “One Last Time” by Ariana Grande.

About halfway through the performance, Matt Doe flexed his musician skills by showing off on the keyboard. This change up was accompanied by a beautiful rainbow “unicorn” coat worn by Leo, along with a black studded tenor sax. This brought their set to a whole new level, as they were able to explore different sounds. The Zooz had every single person in that audience dancing and grooving.

LeoP is the definition of “show-stopper.” The fact that he carries an enormous 12 lbs baritone sax is already a sight to behold. Leo spends the entire show dancing, jumping around, and living up to his rock-star mentality. At Brooklyn Bowl, he brought this to all new heights when he decided to take an “off-stage” adventure into the crowd. Many fans took this opportunity to dance with him and take selfies.

Try to imagine what it would be like if big brass music and house EDM music made a baby -- that baby would be Too Many Zooz. A band to follow for sure, keep the Zooz on your radar. These guys are going far!

Too Many Zooz

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