Thousand Below release new album "Gone In Your Wake"

Thousand Below have just released their second album, Gone in Your Wake, and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you’re really missing out. The band is signed to Rise Records and released their first album, The Love You Let Too Close, on October 6, 2017 so this new record is almost exactly two years later. They have recently experienced a line up change with the departure of guitarist Devin Chance and drummer Garrett Halvax and the addition of drummer Max Santoro previously of the band Vesta Collide. Everything has come full circle as Santoro had toured with Thousand Below with Vesta Collide on the NightLife in Revolt tour (Co-headline with Youth in Revolt and Light Up The Sky) in the summer of 2017 when the only songs that were released were “Tradition” and “Sinking Me”.

The first single that was released from Gone In Your Wake was "Chemical," the second, "Dissociate" and the third, "Alone (Out of My Head)." Each song on this album incorporates heavy elements as well as some R&B elements similar to I See Star’s most recent release, Treehouse, and Bring Me The Horizon’s amo. Just like the first album, this album deals with themes of mental health struggles and heartbreak. Vocalist James Deberg has a very strong voice that does an incredible job of evoking powerful emotions through the lyrics. The passion and raw emotion are so strong on every single track of the album in every aspect from the vocals to the instrumentals. Everything sounds very clean and there is not a weak song on the album. “The Edge of Your Bed”, “Learn To Lose And It All Gets Easier”, “The Other Side of Things”, and “Gone in Your Wake” are the slower songs on the album, but they still hold a lot of weight.

10/10. Favorites: "Chemical," "Fake Smile," "Alone (Out of My Head)," Vanish"

Thousand Below just finished touring with Of Mice & Men on October 19th in Arizona. Check out our gallery from the Virginia Beach date of the tour which was also the release date for the album.