This is a story about how tri patterns slid into Coast Modern’s dms

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Sliding into someone’s direct messages isn’t just a tool to get a date; it can also be a tool to get noticed by your favorite band or to book a gig. Just ask emerging, indie-pop band, tri patterns.

“Nathan was on the band page because we follow Coast Modern because they're one of our bigger influences,” said Dawson Freeman. “They [Coast Modern] were like, ‘Who do you want to see open for us?’ and Nathan put on the band page, ‘us’ as a comment—That was

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before we even released music. We dm'd them a private link to our music, and they were super cool about it, super personal. They were like, ‘Hey, we really dig this. We’re going to talk to our manager about getting you on the show in Indy.’”

Not only did they get on the bill for the Indy show, they opened in St. Louis too. 

The three-piece has recently released their debut EP, Feels Like Color. Calling Indianapolis home, Nathan Davis and Dawson Freeman met in a sophomore band class and started writing music together with their electric guitars. It wasn’t until drummer, Logan Morrison joined the two that tri patterns formed, creating the full sound they’re known for today.

“It’s kind of a funny story,” said Freeman, “but Logan joined the band because we wanted to do our big, full band show at our first real venue. We met Logan through our church, and he’s actually our age, and there aren’t a lot of musicians in our genre. He hopped on for that show, and it stuck with him.”

Funny enough, after playing their first show, which almost sold out, the band took a hiatus. tri patterns is a relatively young group, fresh out of high-school, but as of right now, the band is their main focus. After the seven-month break, the group went down to Nashville to track the EP over five, ten hour days with producer, Brandon Owens. They released their first

Photo via Facebook single of the EP in January, “Shadows,” which is the pop banger off Feels like Color.

“’Shadows’ is kind of the poppiest of all the songs,” said Davis. “We’ve got some long songs in there, and it’s one of the shorter ones. It’s super simple and sweet right off the bat with that drum loop. I think we just wanted to catch peoples’ attention right away, and that was the result of all those conversations.”

Freeman, stated, “We are kind of an anomaly for Indianapolis. There’s a band called the ‘THE WLDLIFE’ from Anderson, and they’re a pretty big indie-pop band. We’re friends with them, but the all-ages music scene here is pretty much pop-punk and metal, I would say. So, we’ve definitely opened for a lot of pop-punk bands getting our start, which has been interesting but really cool to see different audiences receive us. But we’re really one of the only pop focused bands from Indy. The 21+ scene is a little different, kind of folk-rock. It’s a really cool music scene, but we don’t fit into it super well.”

We’ve never really considered the “Crossroads of America” to have such a cool music scene. Davis added that the city is really embracing the arts right now, altering the music scene.

“We love it,” he said. “It’s a great town. There’s kind of an up-string in culture of the arts right now. Nobody really knows about it, but there’s a lot going on. So, we’re really hoping to be a part in shifting the music scene to a little bit more forward-thinking and a little bit more diversity in it. Indianapolis has a lot of culture happening right now.”

Something that might account for their unique twist on indie-pop music is the addition of drummer, Morrison.  Growing up listening to Christian metal music, he had a different background.

“Some of my first memories of music was listening to bands like Underoath, Norma Jean, and The Killers when I was in

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kindergarten with my dad because he liked heavier music,” he said. “I’ve grown into liking their music [Dawson and Nathan]. I loved it before, but I never really played to it. Before, I did this, I actually played in a traveling worship band. So, I didn’t really know what I was doing at first. To help, I watched a ton of videos of George Daniel from the 1975 because he was the coolest to me. I’ve loved the 1975 for the past three years. I wouldn’t really compare our music to them but once they showed me their music, I tried to be creative and put my own twist on things that were more poppy. Our sound is probably something along the lines of Half Noise, COIN, the 1975, Vampire Weekend—it’s very weird. I wouldn’t ever compare our band to just one band.”

The other two really give Morrison the credit with experimenting and producing the music. But, Freeman also said the variety of music they listen to also accounts for the quirks and eccentricity you hear throughout the five recorded songs.

“I think we all sort of have pretty open minds when it comes to the music we Photo via Facebook listen to. It’s something that naturally develops into each artists’ music. One of our tracks, ‘Simpler Times,’ starts out really beachy and groovy, but at the end, we’re all going nuts."

​Morrison agreed with Freeman, saying, “We definitely are indie-pop, but I think the unique thing about us is that we’re all musicians first, rather than singers… So, we’re definitely poppy but then we’ve got those 'Simpler Times' sounds. We have that dynamic range that a lot of indie-pop bands just aren’t going for right now.”

So, what’s next for the trio? They’ve got a couple shows at the end of this month with Guys on a Bus, and will be playing YahFest in Nashville and Virginia Avenue Music Festival in Indianapolis, but we predict, more shows will get booked this summer.

“Getting these shows with Coast Modern really jumpstarted our goals for this year. One of our goals was to open for somebody who really influenced us,” said Davis. “So, really, just to start gaining exposure. We’re really excited to start touring and getting these new songs out." 

"Hopefully, we will be able to track a few new songs in the fall, but really to get some more touring opportunities is the next step for us.” “We hope to bring life to places when we tour. Leave more life there than when we came.”

You can listen to their music here and keep up on what's new with the guys at