The Orphan The Poet at Cobra Lounge in Chicago

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

On March 30th, The Orphan The Poet and Milkk stopped by Cobra Lounge in Chicago, Illinois. The 300 capacity room's location is just off of the lounge’s bar and restaurant. The venue provides an intimate space and many of the shows there are hosted by Riot Fest.

Preceding the two bands were YAM Haus, from Minneapolis, and The Virgin Jerry, who are local to the Chicago area. YAM Haus’ name stands for You Are Me and their mission is to "create a loving environment and caring for one another" For the band The Virgin Jerry, it was their first time performing live. Granted I've had my fair share of witnessing local bands play live for the first time, some better than others, but for it being their first time, these guys had a great stage personality and chemistry with the crowd.

Milkk recently dropped their debut album, "HEADRUSH," and appeared taken aback and appreciative that a majority of the crowd were singing their songs along with them. More specifically their lead, Pat Kiloran, who was quoted on stage saying “it’s crazy we’ve only been to Chicago once in our career, and you guys know all the words.” Even in a state of awe, the band kept the crowd up on their feet by switching things up throughout the set. Kiloran frequently transitioned from playing keyboard to guitar or treading around the stage with the microphone. At one point Pat jumped into the crowd with his acoustic guitar bearing the words, "my dream is dead" and performed "I Thought I Lost You," while being encircled by the crowd-- a dense yet, intimate moment.

Lastly, The Ohio based indie rock band, The Orphan The Poet, took to the stage. The group consists of David Eselgroth, Jake Floyd, and Sam Gordon. Automatically they had the crowd up and off their feet from the first song. The guys even treated their fans to a cover of Avril Lavigne's "Sk8ter Boi". Keeping their set lively and engaging, their lead singer, David, jumped into the crowd and handed his guitar to a fan and sang "Terrible Things" with those around him. The Orphan The Poet put on a great performance, though they're not my personal taste in music, the crowd's energy could be felt throughout the whole set, and I left with a feeling of appreciation for a music genre I would not typically listen to on my own time.

The Orphan The Poet


YAM Haus

Virgin Jerry