The metamorphosis of Brother Elsey

Brothers Jack, Brady, and Beau Stablein pulled the trigger this last October to re-brand their band as Brother Elsey. The metamorphosis had been manifesting for awhile into what the guys said was the “inevitable.”

Brother Elsey
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The brothers started gigging around Detroit when they were just teenagers then they were going by the name, “Fifth and Main.” Not only did the guys go through personal growth, but their music grew into something more real, honest, and mature.

"We needed people to see us in a different way then when we were 15,” said Jack. “It's hard to really grow as a band and grow your reputation in a good way if people still see you as band they saw when everyone was in high school. As much fun as we had and as many awesome shows we played, I think we thought it would be best for us to really change things up in a big way and start taking things a lot more serious.”

Lord Huron, Green River Ordinance, The Paper Kites, and The Glorious Sons are just a few names of bands the brothers have opened for in their career. But, already having a fan-base and being known for their old name, it was a risk to make this change, and that made the brothers scared as shit.

"In the grand scheme of things, we did have a fan-base, but it's nowhere big enough that it would be a really bad decision. As big as our fan-base is in Detroit, changing our name wouldn't have a big effect on the people who know us already. Us doing it now was a better decision than doing it later because it was inevitable for us,” Jack admitted.

Matador, Brother Elsey

Under the new moniker, the EP “Matador” was released in February. The five tracks were carefully curated to showcase the authentic Brother Elsey. The single, “Wildfire,” has an intro that crescendos into an up-beat chorus you might hear at a Kings of Leon concert. The track has over 8,000 plays on Spotify and has caught attention of MTV producers and was the featured on an episode of Teen Mom 2.

The folk-rock banger with hints of Americana has candid lyrics like “It’s so typical of you to let me burn like a wildfire,” which will make for a quintessential music video that’s being released the first week of August.

"The biggest thing for us was having visuals that aligned with the content of the song, but we wanted the video to have a good look into how we live our lives, our friends, and the people we surround ourselves with everyday,” said Brady. “That was a big thing for us because this is the first video we're putting out. It's cool for people to really see who we are and what we do."

Speaking of firsts, Brother Elsey will be headlining a show in the Parliament Room at Otus Supply in Ferndale tomorrow, July 27. The brothers said unreleased songs will be added to the set-list, maybe even the new single they’re recording in August?

“We just got the demo done yesterday, and we're really happy with how everything sounded and how the song is coming together production-wise. It's going to be fun to push out there and get people to listen to it,” said Brady.

The new single mentioned will be released sometime in September and the band will hopefully tour around it in the fall.

Having been on the road these past few months, the brothers haven’t been able to play in their hometown much, and they’re looking forward to giving back to the scene that has given them so many opportunities.

"I think we were lucky to play shows -- even when we started and were playing to only four people, we still got to play really legit venues and didn't have to put up with the pay to play bullshit a lot of bands have to put up with. It was a really awesome intro into what we knew we had to do. It taught us a lot of things of how we should be doing things,” said Jack. “Also, seeing other bands coming up around us set an example for us in some ways, good or bad. All those little markets in Michigan make it really awesome to be a local band and to be a young band and to have the resources literally at your fingertips. We were lucky."

A new sound, name and now, a new location, the guys are going to settle in Grand Rapids the first of August to mark the start of a new era for Brother Elsey.

Brother Elsey
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