The Maine and TWIN XL at the Starland Ballroom in NJ

The Maine are no strangers in New Jersey as they have always performed here in their past tours for many years. On November 3rd, they came to the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ for "The Mirror" Tour with opening act and longtime friends, TWIN XL. This tour was meant to promote and celebrate the release of The Maine's newest album, You Are OK.

The opener, TWIN XL, put on an electrifying and groovy performance that got the crowd paying attention and reciprocating the energy the band gave. It all felt in sync. The crowd all took their phones out to wave flashlights right on command and it was breathtaking to see. When they performed their newest single, "Messy," the crowd enjoyed it to the max like it had been out much longer.

As always, the atmosphere of The Maine's shows are safe and have a sense of oneness among many strangers that feel like a community. The venue was spacious yet had a feeling of intimacy. The Maine always make sure that their fans feel like they belong. In John O'Callaghan's (Vocalist of The Maine) words, "All of your problems outside of these walls, forget about them!" They also interacted with the crowd very personally and openly as they always want to make their supporters feel closer to them. John brought a couple of fans to sing with him on stage, he spontaneously sang legendary covers to get the crowd singing proudly, and there were occasional laughs and jokes thrown in between. They also performed their old songs to give a sense of nostalgia. The crowd was singing back and along with an energy so euphoric.

The visuals for The Maine's set were captivating and aesthetically pleasing. They consisted of nature, psychedelics, personal content such as baby pictures of the band members, various lyrical visuals and even conceptual visuals with the band in them which made the crowd go wild. The visuals complimented the live songs and various monologues in between. The interlude was a voice over of John'O with all of the lights out except for the visual screen on stage. It felt like a movie theater with a chilling noise surrounding everyone in the room.

Go see The Maine and TWIN XL on tour! It's an experience that will make you feel like home away from home.