The Hails release EP "He Seems Upset"

Summer 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, The Hails are finally back swinging in the music scene with their newly released EP, "He Seems Upset." 

The EP consists of elements that are generally out of the norm in The Hails’ music. They branched out into techno transitions, heavy bass, chopped up guitars, harmonies and other creative choices they haven’t touched on before. That creative risk was debuted in the first single of the EP, "Denial." The EP took a very creative album-like approach, and they mastered the song selection and track order with the inclusion of interludes, perfectly.

The process of the EP was anything but normal for a band working on music. Given the circumstances of the pandemic, they had to work pretty much separately. However, despite the potential complications, they stated that they managed to work well apart as much as together. Even through the creative disagreements, they found common ground and were able to work on what is the final product of the EP today.

The first track, “Sippin’ on the Daylight,” was in their vault of unreleased music for over a year. It was one of those songs they loved so much, they wanted to save it for something special. Robbie Kingsley (vocalist), said the song is inspired by the evident events of global warming. 

There are many other interesting facts behind the making of the EP such as using their well received single “Younger” as the outro song to highlight the success of that song to close the EP. They originally had another song in place for "Younger," but it wasn’t coming together in a timely fashion in a way that they anticipated. When they made "Heartbeat Pt. 2," they felt the EP magically turned into a medley. The cherry on top is the visuals for each track on YouTube to enhance the experience.

Photo by Kat Debarro

The Hails were on tour when the pandemic started. They got news updates along the way and noticed the virus spreading rapidly, causing them to instinctively cancel the tour from Boston onwards for the sake of everyone’s safety. To much of their devastation, they couldn’t continue the tour and play in venues they were looking forward to such as in Nashville and Atlanta. It was for the best, and they knew the music was going to (successfully) compensate for it all. Prior to the virus arising, they would happily play shows and indulge in watching basketball games while on the road— to the point Franco would watch live-streams of basketball games as much as he can while performing. 

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