The Faim and Kulick at the Opera House in Toronto

On May 13th, New York based group, Kulick, and Aussie rockers, The Faim, rolled through Toronto on the Ghost of North America tour, in support of Andy Black. The highly anticipated show had kids lining up hours before doors, and these opening bands did a great job warming up the crowd.

First up were Kulick, a group that I was not too familiar with but was very impressed with by the end of their set. When singer Jacob asked who had heard of them before, a quick show of hands showed that most of the crowd were in the same position I was in. That didn't stop the band from winning the crowd over. By the last song, they were screaming for one more and asking for setlists. The pop rock group played a good balance of slow and upbeat songs to show off the vocals but also keeping the energy up. Although they seem to be quite newer, they had the stage presence of a band that has been touring for years.

Next up was The Faim, all the way from Perth, Australia. I knew it was going to be a fun set as soon as the band took the stage. They weren't even through the first song when lead singer, Josh, jumped into the crowd and sang on the barricade. The high energy didn't stop there. Every song had the band running around the stage and interacting with the crowd and each other. Something that stood out to me was how much fun they appeared to be having. The Faim truly love what they do and that energy rubbed off on the crowd.

These are both artists that I would definitely recommend checking out if given the chance.


The Faim

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