Tessa Violet and Daysormay at The Masquerade in Atlanta

Tessa Violet and Daysormay came to Atlanta (The Masquerade) on August 17th. Set in Purgatory, with a crowd of 300, the performers put on an intimate show. The vintage lighting in the venue gave a cozy feel in which the fans felt right at home. The Canadian trio, Daysormay, kicked off the show. Although not very well known, they managed to hype up the crowd and gain new supporters. As for the main act, you could find everyone in the venue singing along to Tessa's music. The shared love for music could be felt across the room. It was truly a beautiful experience.

You can listen to them here:

Daysormay | Spotify | Apple Music

Tessa Violet | Spotify | Apple Music

Tessa Violet and Daysormay: