Starcrawler bring back the shows in rock n' roll

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Classic rock is not dead. Tell your parents; tell a friend. We have found the band that would give The Rolling Stones a run for their money. Meet LA native group, Starcrawler. The band released their debut record, Starcrawler, in January, catching the attention of Sir Elton John himself and Jack Antonoff.

The group has the stage presence of Ozzy (you’ll see what we mean) and the sound of the timeless groups like the Sex Pistols. Lead vocalist, Arrow de Wilde, gives us

Photo by Autumn De Wilde

total Joan Jett vibes. But let’s make ourselves clear, THIS IS NOT A FEMALE-FRONTED BAND. The other guys—guitarist Henri Cash, drummer Austin Smith, and bass player Tim Franco—bring just as much to the table making Starcrawler one of the bands of the century.

​After a busy month playing sold-out shows in Japan and SXSW, Smith took the time to talk to us while on a small west-coast tour.

What's one of the songs off the album that you're most proud of?

I think we’re proud of all of them. It was a great process to get them to where they are now, and the fact that people sing the lyrics back at us shows how happy we are with the end product. 

*Starcrawler, put out by Rough Trade Records, was produced by Ryan Adams in Hollywood.*

Do you think you've had to prove yourself a little more because some of you are relatively young?

No. I don’t think we pay much attention to that. We want to play, record and tour. If we did, we wouldn’t be playing for ourselves, and that’s what is important… Us having fun.

I've never met you guys, but I'm going to assume that you're a bit different when you're off stage? Did you guys just create this persona, as in was it ("it" Photo via Facebook

as in fucking rockstars) planned out? Or,

was it just a natural thing that happened?

Well, the performance has been part of our shows since day one, so once we’re on stage we all have a different part of ourselves that comes out on stage. We want our shows to really be SHOWS—different, eye catching and exciting.

*Different is definitely one adjective to describe the band’s sets. While the guys are rocking out on stage, De Wilde has been known to jump off the stage and spit blood at the audience​. Notice: Their intentions are to scare you (we think it’s scarily fantastic).*

How does it feel to being compared to the greats and being recognized by incredible musicians?

It’s exciting and humbling. We were surprised when Elton John recognized us, and we were even more stunned when Iggy Pop said our name and played our track on his radio show. We’re still gleaming about it.

How do you think growing up in LA has affected your music?

It’s an exciting city to be in and anyone’s environment affects them to some degree so I guess we just like hot weather and burritos mostly. 

What do you think people would be the most surprised to learn about your band? That we play good music.  What do you have to say to people that "just don't get it?" Come to a show and if they already have, come again.

​You can listen to their music here. ​ Photo via Facebook