Slenderbodies take break on tour to chat

Slenderbodies is an "indie pop" duo that met while attending university. They have released three collections of music over the span of two years: Sotto Voice, Fabulist, and Fabulist: Extended. The duo just released their first single, "Take You Home", off their upcoming record, which will be released next month.

Photo by Kyla Rudd.

Their music has an earthy, soft feeling to it that still hits a listener hard emotionally and makes them feel like they are on a journey. Heavily inspired by nature and what they like to listen to, Slenderbodies has created a sound that is not comparable to many groups in the music industry currently. Their song "anemone" off their EP Fabulist was their big hit that introduced the world to them with over 15 million plays on Spotify.

Slenderbodies just finished touring with Milky Chance and are currently heading out on their world tour, playing shows from LA to Sweden. The members, Max and Benji, sat down with us at their show in Eugene, Oregon on September 9th to talk about touring, their music, and their plans for the future.