Sleep House debuts new angsty track of the summer

The Jersey indie pop four-piece, Sleep House, released their new track, "I Hate That I Miss You," into the world today.

Within the first second of the track, a repeated progression of the track cues the unsettled feeling into your stomach that's present in an internal battle. However, "I Hate That I Miss You" is not slow; the beat matches the chaotic jumble of feelings and thoughts that run through your head you try to resist feeling and thinking during a messy ending.

The words being echoed into existence are simply honest and heartbreaking.

I still feel your breathing and your silent mouth when I said the words that took us south.

A guitar solo makes up the bridge reverbertaing the internal dialogue, sounding like that one last clash for sanity. Somehow, the last few strums and lines of the song lull the mental discourse, leaving the listener with a sense of tranquility.

Find another point of view before i give it up and lose.

Hope the other guys get through because i hate that i miss you.

Sleep house has mastered keeping the sound vibrant while the subject matter is colored in all gray.

Photo by @archive088

Sleep House is guitarist/vocalist Nicholas Gardyasz, lead guitarist Adam Mink, bassist Evan Marcinko, and drummer Nick Marcinko.