Roam "Smile Wide" Review

UK based band Roam have just released their new album, Smile Wide, via Hopeless Records.

According to the band, "It's about feeling like a puppet in someone else's game and taking that control back for good. Inspiring and culturally-relevant, the album explores the rock bottom of feeling disheartened, stuck, and unsure of how to break free, and the journey toward gaining the confidence to stand up and not let people walk all over you anymore".

The first single released from the album was "I Don't Live There Anymore," which is extremely catchy. This entire album is driven by strong guitar riffs and heavy breakdowns that fit Roam's signature style but with lighter, pop elements. This new sound is comparable to Neck Deep. Roam have kept their signature pop punk style but refined it with this new album. The lyrical content is very important in today's world, and a lot of people will be able to relate to it.

"Play Dumb" definitely makes a comment on the world today with the lyrics, "Would it be better if we all played dumb?" and "Nowhere is safe. All this time we're fading, trying to find a way out". This is one of the heavier songs on the album with strong guitar riffs and breakdowns. Every single person struggles with intense personal pressures from society and from their surroundings and constantly search for a way to escape these pressures. The second line in the song is "I know Ignorance is Bliss," making you question is ignorance really bliss?

"Toy Box" deals with the aspect of a controlling relationship where you feel like you have no freedom. The line "I don't wanna be shut inside your toy box" brings a visual that represents when someone only shows their love for you when it's convenient for them, when they need you. All of these songs feel like they have strong roots in what it truly means to be punk, similar to that of older Good Charlotte songs that are angsty and are demanding to be heard because they're speaking about real world issues.

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Make sure you don't miss their European co-headlining tour with With Confidence this fall.