Rhye at Terminal West 2/26

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

As I was walking down Marietta Street in Atlanta this past Saturday, I felt comfortable, much like how the soulful, pop group, Rhye’s music makes you feel, or should I say comforted? Front man,Mike Milosh’s vocals have a tone that is hypnotic. The venue, Terminal West was packed all the way to the back of the hall. Even though the show was Photo by Genevieve Medow Jenkins sold out, the audience was one of the most gracious and respectful crowds I’ve ever witnessed. Everyone seemed to be in awe of the dynamic group of musicians on stage.

It’s been five years in between the album Woman, and Rhye's eagerly awaited follow up record, released in February of this year, Blood. During this five-year gap, Milosh bought himself out of a contract with Polydor, played 476 concerts, AND signed with Innovative Leisure. Be sure to see if Rhye is stopping close to you as he will be touring/playing festivals into June. View the up-coming tour here.

Here are my top three song picks from Blood. (Also, “Open” from Woman will forever be one of my favorite songs; no matter how popular it gets…like 48 million plays on Spotify popular).

Song for You makes me think of the movie plot I’ve created in my head. I envision a couple at this point in their relationship where they might be at a breaking point, but the singer reminds their significant other that it doesn’t matter what else is happening in life, because they love them. I’m probably far off on this one, but let me live. The beat of the song gives it an airier sound that makes your heart feel a bit lighter and hopeful after it.

I’m pretty sure my soul was soothed with this one. It’s like this song gave me a hug I forgot I needed. The song is so gentle that I teared up the first time I heard it. Was it in remorse? Maybe I was paying homage to that one person? Or maybe I was mourning something that never happened.

“Taste” has seduction written all over it, and I’m not complaining. I won’t share my vision for a music video with this one (hint: there’s a dance floor involved). It’s got a good beat that you could do that awkward sway with a beer in your hand and a subtle bop of the head. But, then you listen to the lyrics and you might start to get a little emotional but embrace the Rhye therapy.