Review of Grayscale's Nella Vita

Grayscale released their third album, Nella Vita, and you will absolutely not be disappointed. It's very different from previous releases; however, it still sounds like Grayscale. This record has an 80’s techno pop vibe and 90’s rock influence very similar to the 1975 and The Maine, but it still sounds like a Grayscale album with pop punk energy. You can either pit or dance to this album.

“It’s really personal,” explains Walsh in the press release. “The music provokes a lot of visuals, because it’s very conversational, real, and romantic. That’s just how I write. The songs are transparent stories that cover the full spectrum of feelings you experience in life; true reflections of things like love, sex, being a teenager, addiction, pain, joy, grief, death, and everything in between. We wanted to musically and lyrically approach these experiences from an honest place. We want you to dance, laugh, cry, and have fun. We want you to feel it all.” Grayscale achieved their goal for this album because it is full of raw, heavy emotions that anyone can relate to in their own way. It makes the listener feel like that are not alone and can help them to cope with their pain in a new way.

Most of the songs are very fast, upbeat and fun but explore very dark, personal, heavy themes such as the first track on the album, "Just Right," which explores the feeling over looking back on the good times of a past relationship and just really wanting to go back to those feelings of happiness and joy with someone who still means a lot to you. The lyrics "I'd give it all just to feel that alive again..." really illustrates the longing and pain that is now surfacing due to these reflections. The track, "Twilight (My Heaven)," goes along with the same kind of story and reflection of feeling on top of the world with that person and dealing with the pain that followed the break up which is perfectly illustrated through the line ,"You were the last time I felt alive".

“In Violet” is a celebration of life in which Walsh explains that instead of mourning death, he wants people to celebrate. This song has a very upbeat melody and is very easy to dance to-- overall a very positive and uplifting song to listen to. The first single released, “Painkiller Weather,” is probably the most controversial song on the album. However, Walsh explains, “It’s definitely very nineties-inspired.” Walsh continues, “It’s a dark story about being in love with someone who can’t get out of the way of their vice. Whether it’s a parent or somebody you’re dating, their addiction distracts them, and it makes it hard for them to love and understand. You realize you’re never going to be a priority for this person no matter how much you want to make it happen, because of the inability to put love in front of selfishness.”

This album has something for everyone and will have you experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. It is also something that can remind you that you’re not alone and perhaps cope with your trauma better. Walsh explained that he wanted people to be able to react in this way to the album and really relate to it. Grayscale have always been a band that can weave such powerful imagery and emotions into their music. This record displays incredible growth and a more personal look into the band’s personal struggles. The album embraces the pain of not just relationships but life, death, family, and more. It's clear that a lot of heart and hard work has been put into this album, and these songs translate even better live.

Check out Grayscale on their "Nella Vita" headlining tour this fall.

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