Rainbow Kitten Surprise with The Greeting Committee at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon

On June 1st, Rainbow Kitten Surprise came to Portland, Oregon at the Roseland Theater. They were joined by The Greeting Committee for the west coast portion of their 20 show tour across North America. In May of this year, the band released an EP called “Mary (B-sides)”, featuring the song “Heart,” which they had previously released and played a multitude of versions on tour. The two song EP also featured “No Vacancy”, a moody song that shows the full extent of the band’s talent and lyrical intensity. The EP also features some audio effects that makes the listening experience like no other. The band is expected to continue touring this year in the fall to prepare for the year ahead.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s first of two sold out Portland shows was kicked off by The Greeting Committee. I had been familiar with the band and a fan of their work, so it was such a pleasant surprise when they hit the stage. They were the perfect band to open for the group. The lead singer, a powerhouse vocalist named Addie Sartino, was extremely high energy and was able to excite the crowd like no other opening act I’ve seen. They played songs like “Don’t Go” and “Is This It?”, which was the perfect way to start off the night. You could feel the passion the band had for what they were doing just by watching them perform. Sartino ended their set by having the crowd come as close together as they could so she could crowd surf.

When Rainbow Kitten Surprise finally hit the stage, the room was completely packed wall to wall. Without exaggerating, this show was the best show I have seen this year. I had always heard amazing things about the band’s live shows and always wanted to see for myself. They definitely did not disappoint. The band’s lead singer, Sam Melo, was so energetic and his vocals were somehow just like their records but also so much better. You could see that he was doing something he absolutely loved, and he was having fun while doing it. Not just Melo was completely into their performance, but the whole band matched the energy he had. They did not seem to lose that energy throughout the entire set. The crowd was going absolutely wild for them, and they were not scared of interacting with them and making it even more intimate. People were dancing and screaming along to their lyrics. Their fans ranged in every aspect you could think of, but they were able to make everyone feel comfortable around each other for the night by bonding them with the love they had for the band. They performed songs from all their projects, like their hit songs “Devil Like Me” and “Cocaine Jesus”. This show was unlike any other. Rainbow Kitten Surprise left their mark on Portland that weekend, and I’m sure the city can’t wait until they return.

Here are some highlights from the night:

The Greeting Committee:

Rainbow Kitten Surprise:

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