Queen of Jeans, harmonies, and equality

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

​Queen of Jeans has described their sound as “Crock-pot pop" and “estrogen on ice.” As unique as it sounds, their music developed a fan-base rather quickly with their EP, “Queen of Jeans.” Now, just two years later, the Philadelphia quartet announced that they signed with Topshelf Records to release their debut LP, “Dig Yourself” on March 30th. Photo by Morgan Smith

“In 2015, the three of us spent the whole year mostly locked up in Nina's attic, playing and harmonizing together,” said Devora. “We played maybe two shows that year, but didn't really get going as a band until 2016 when Patrick joined the group. We've all been in other bands and learned from those experiences, so we wanted to really take our time with this one. I don't think we'd do anything differently, and it feels like things are moving at a pretty good speed for us!”

The three founding members, Miriam Devora, Matheson Glass, and Nina Scotto all played in bands before forming Queen of Jeans. They’ve expressed that they often felt pushed aside and not appreciated. If you’ve ever seen the group play live, it’s apparent that everyone respects and admires each others’ talent. 

Photo by Eden Kittiver

“The only reason we ever tolerated anything less is that the only space offered to us was in less ideal environments, and we didn’t feel like we had a choice,” she said. “It was that sort of ‘it is what it is’ mentality that I think we boxed ourselves into early on. Finding each other gave us all more confidence I think to explore our options on our own terms, to lead ourselves rather than continue to feel as though we needed to be led.”

​That respect and leadership definitely translates into their music. Their groovy melodies and stirring vocals caught the eye of popular, alt-rock group, Balance and Composure who asked Queen of Jeans to open for them on tour. “We weren't sure how we were going to fit in on that tour, but thankfully both Balance & Composure and From Indian Lakesare

Photo by Colin Kerrigan bands full of sweethearts, and it was a great time,” Dovora said. “We learned a lot from them on their stage presence and just general attitude on the road. They don't take themselves seriously and always want to make sure everyone else on the tour is comfortable and having fun.”

Soon, the group will have more than the six songs from their EP to sing while on the road for their Spring and Summer tour. What can we expect from the nine-track album?

“In a lot of ways, the LP feels like the EP but more grown up,” she said. “We recorded it in a similar DIY fashion with the same friend that did our EP, Brian Ziprin, (he’s amazing), but then had it mixed in a studio by Vince Ratti. I think it helped the songs grow production-wise while still staying true to our roots. As far as the music itself, Side A is more of the upbeat/poppy stuff, and Side B gets darker and weirder. We are still developing our sound as a group, and we like exploring both.”

If you haven’t listed to their released single from the record, “More to Love,” DO IT NOW. It is such a bop that will have you singing and dancing around in your bedroom in a Lizzie McGuire-esque fashion.

“The subject we’re exploring in this album is the many faces of love and relationships,” she said. “’More to Love’ is the first track and is about the beginning of a new relationship, with the fun mix of doubt and grandiose feelings that often comes with that.”

“I think there’s a reoccurring theme in many of our songs that is about personal growth and human connection, and the album is really no different!” said Devora. “It served as a cathartic exercise for me in writing these songs, so I think that if it moves even one person in a positive direction, I’m happy about it.”

​Queen of Jeans has a busy year ahead of them. The band is playing at SXSW this month but they have more dates in the Spring. They “hope to tour their faces off.”

Make sure to purchase “Dig Yourself” on March 30th, we’ve already pre-ordered ours ;)