Premiere of °1824's third installment of "Pride & Progress"

Universal Music Group founded the department °1824 to give a diverse group of young creators opportunities to grow and impact the culture within the music industry. Four LGBTQ+ creators in the department launched a three video initiative titled, "Pride & Progress," to discuss their experiences and thoughts on being queer in the industry. Today, the third episode is premiering here.

The episodes maybe short, but they are powerful. The first episode introduced the four creators: Ashley Evers (21), Jon Freedman (17), David Grannum (20) and Mike Klubeck (22), while highlighting current events and how intersectionality is present in all movements.

“Never feel that you have to explain yourself when you don’t understand yourself either.”-David Grannum

In the second episode, the power of music is discussed between the creators. “Growing up having that kind of support system (music), especially as a queer person, has been massively important to my development as a person," says Freeman. They also discuss some openly queer artists that have inspired them including MUNA, Janelle Monáe, Arlo Parks and TASHA.

“My advice to young queer people who want to enter the music industry is to never let anyone tell you you’re too much.”- Ashley Evers

The third episode is a call to action. Although, this is premiering after some state primaries, the four discuss the importance of voting, putting an emphasis on local elections. “You can’t tell someone you love them and then go out and vote for someone who may hurt them," mic drops Evers. The queer creatives end the video giving advice to LGBTQ+ humans looking to work in the music industry.

“Remember there is a place for you here.”- Jon Freedman

Universal Music Group has placed over 50 °1824 members into full positions in the company since 2015. Companies that give minorities and LGBTQ+ community members a voice give us a hope for a better and inclusive future, but in the mean time, there's still a lot of work to be done. Support and follow °1824 on their socials.

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