Pop artist, TiLLie, isn't afraid to bite back

TiLLie is the female vocalist EVERYONE needs in their life. With edgy guitar, music video scenes inspired by Shania Twain, and anthems any heartbroken and kickass woman will love. We can’t wait till she puts out more music.

It's no surprise that tiLLie writes songs based on her experiences with ~love~. One of the first songs we were drawn to was “Good Song” because of the electronic pop-punk vibe.  We think this song is a proper banger. So of course, we Photo via Facebook wanted to know the inspiration behind it. 

“It’s a song I wrote about breaking up with my ex before I actually did it. It was like my subconscious was 3 months ahead of me and this song was its way of forcing me to face reality. Towards the end of our relationship, I was obsessed with this one song - like in the way that every time it came on in the car I would belt the words at the top of my lungs and have a dance party. But also every time it came on, my ex HAD to remind me how much he thought it sucked. I was like ‘DUDE CAN U NOT JUST LET ME HAVE THIS 3 MINUTES OF HAPPY BLISS?!’ Anyway, that song ended up becoming a metaphor for the entire relationship."

That is pretty much how we react when listening to the song. Not only is the song amazing, but the music video makes it even better. With a girl gang on motorcycles, burning clothes in a fire, and some of the sickest cheetah print pants, what’s not to like? The reason tiLLie kills it in the music video is because she came up with all the ideas for the video.

​“I came up with the idea with one of my frequent and fav collaborators Ashley Osborn. We were deep in the land of girl power (per usual) and knew we wanted to do something epic in the desert. Being a huge Shania Twain fan, I was like wait a second… what if we finished the story of the “That Don’t Impress Me Much” video after Shania rejects all the guys that try to rescue her? Seeing as it’s also the 3rd part to a 3 part video series that follows the story of a break up (or murder?), we wanted to portray the image of me not needing to be rescued but rather on the road to regaining my strength with the help of an empowering girl gang. When I told Ashley and my co-director, Ryan Sheehy, that I HAD to be riding a bike in the end, they were like “lol, keep dreaming girl." After their initial shock subsided they realized I was super serious, so Sheehy helped bring the idea to fruition by teaching me how to ride a bike in two hours!”

We are just as impressed as you after reading that last sentence. TiLLie is like that cool badass older cousin we all wanted to be when we were younger, except we still want to be her now. She recently had a highlight of her career, Photo via Facebook which would make any musician jealous.

 “Travis Barker showed up to the studio to record drums on a song I was writing with John Feldmann. Even though I don’t listen to much of Blink 182, we all know the bangers and Travis’ talent is undeniably other-fucking-worldly. I’m pretty sure my jaw was on the floor when he was tracking, so to have a musician of that caliber playing on a song of mine was pretty mind-blowing. I was like shit man, I’ve actually done something really right this time haha!”

But it isn’t always fun being such a powerful female in the music industry. TiLLie talks about the adversity in her gender saying, 

“I’ve often felt like I have to work twice as hard for the same opportunities that dudes get. There’s also this element of feeling like you have to prove yourself the second you step into a room full of male musicians - like you’re being tested to see if you reaaally know what you’re doing. That sentiment carries over to gigs sometimes too - i’ve had guys come up after shows and say shit like  “you’re really good at guitar for a girl” or “wow you can actually play” as it it’s a miracle that women have functioning fingers as well. It’s a bummer for sure, but I’ve also been lucky to work with a lot of men that don’t make me feel that way. That said, I don’t like to sit around feeling like a victim Photo via Facebook

and most times I’ve been made to feel that way, I’ve channeled into ass-kicking fuel. Plus there’s some advantage to having an element of shock and surprise.”

TiLLie’s songs were made for empowering women. One of our favorite songs, “Save Yourself” is about an abusive relationship. TiLLie talked about the man being manipulative and blaming her for “playing the victim."

“’Save Yourself’ is my song to him and to any abuser saying  ‘uh actually, I’m fucking good and NO ONE is going to tell me who I am - and if anybody needs saving it’s your broken ass for thinking you had the right to do so”.

So what else can we expect for tiLLie in the coming months, more songs about love and heartbreak? More badass music videos? Killer Instagram posts? Probably a little bit of all of the above. 

TiLLie can’t wait to release more music, “Not exactly sure of the format yet, but I have SO much unreleased music that it’s getting out of control! I cannot wait for it to be out in the world and that’ll be happening v soon.”

We have a feeling this will be something worth waiting for.

Check out her music here. Check out her website here.