"Over Easy" by broox review

Young R&B artist broox released her 2 track EP, "Over Easy," which shows an evolution in broox’s artistry since her 2018 debut, "Out / Through," which she attributes to a newfound confidence in her more R&B-leaning sound. This EP consists of two groovy melodies good for late night drives with ironically heartbreaking and emotional lyrics that can get listeners thinking about heartbreaks and lovers that they want of their own, and even themselves as people.

The first track, “B T W L D” which is abbreviated for the chorus line, “baby, that’s what lovers do,'' is a song about wanting to initiate a relationship with a crush/love interest. The crush is doubting themselves and broox is suggesting what she can do to make them feel better by being their “lover.” 

The lyrics are something, no doubt, many people can relate to. This song is friendly for every audience lyrically and is easy to connect to. She uses a lot of metaphors which helps creatively convey how she is feeling towards this person. 

The tune is very soulful yet simple. With the beat not being distracting, this makes it easy to enhance and easily focus on the lyrics better. The production is something important to consider in the song, as it flows very well and adds diversity yet remains consistency when it changes in the bridge transitioning to the last chorus. Overall, this song really compliments her voice and makes for a very enjoyable track as the introduction in the EP.

The second and final song, “She’s Been Listening,” which is a favorite, sounds different to show broox’s versatility with her voice and sound. It also compliments “B T W L D” and makes this EP fit like a finished puzzle. This song has a mix of Alessia Cara melodies and Amy Winehouse vocals. It captures a very upbeat track altogether about calling out a person that is not being their authentic selves to impress other people. The message is important to address and broox gets it across directly. The harmonies and backing vocals intensify the song and her rap-like approach greatly. The various instruments used add character to the song and escalate the quality of the EP generally.

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