Now, Now and Foxing at the El Rey in Los Angeles

On May 14, co-headliners Now, Now and Foxing brought their national tour with Daddy Issues to Los Angeles, playing the historic El Rey Theater in the heart of Los Angeles’s Wilshire theatre and museum district. Now, Now and Foxing are both touring in support of recent releases “Saved,” and “Nearer My God,” respectively.

Nashville’s Daddy Issues warmed up the crowd, delivering a set filled with shoe-gaze flavored grunge-pop, pausing only in their revelry to deliver an important message before their song “I’m Not,” which deals with the issues of sexual abuse, talking about the importance of having a friend to speak to, and emphasizing the donations they were taking for RAINN (The Rape and Incest National Network.)

The smiles and energy continued as co-headliners Foxing took stage, the St. Louis indie rockers tore up the stage with their extended touring ensemble. Vocalist Connor Murphy’s frenetic energy channeled not only into singing and dancing around the stage, but also into playing the trumpet on a selection of songs. Die-hard fans cheered louder with every familiar or new-to-Los-Angeles song that was played, culminating with a raucous dance party on stage at the end of their set.

The energy stayed high in anticipation of Now, Now. The Minnesota duo emerged to the roar of the crowd in blacklight, lead vocalist Cacie’s incandescent hair glowing in the ambience. Moving together and singing along, the audience devoured Now, Now’s set, including the new album’s title track, “Saved,” and an intimate moment where Cacie jumped down into the crowd, singing and rocking in an embrace with two of their fans, no doubt giving them a story to tell for some time.

Daddy Issues


Now, Now

*In the spirit of Daddy Issues' message, if you are the victim of sexual abuse or assault, please don't keep it to yourself. If you need someone to talk to, please visit RAINN or call their 24-hour hotline 1-800-656-4673 you don't have to go through anything alone, and you do have a voice, and it is valuable. You are worthy!