New music, new tour, new love for fanny packs?

We chatted with lead singer, Andy Tongren during the final days of rehearsal before Young Rising Sons (YRS) kicks off their tour in Detroit, Michigan on June 24. Not to mention they just released a cover of “Tell Me You Love Me” by Demi Lovato last Friday, and a ~*bop*~ called SCATTERBRAIN that you’ll hear on the new tour.

Photo via Facebook

 YRS is not new to the touring or music scene by any means. You may know them from their upbeat anthem “High” released in 2014. Maybe you saw them on tour with bands such as The 1975, Weezer or co-headlining on the iconic and dreamy “American Youth Tour” with Halsey in 2015. Thankfully, Young Rising Sons is back and better than ever. With their recent releases “WHISKEY” and “+NOISE-” their new music is more honest than ever before.

“I think the first EP in particular really highlights the good moments of the band, but we want to be honest and real with ourselves and talk about the stuff that is sometimes a little more difficult to talk about.”

The two new singles do just that. Andy says, “+NOISE-,” simply put, is about people talking shit. “It’s about canceling it all out, whether it be a toxic person or hearing people talking behind your back. Maybe even turning on the news and seeing all the horrible stuff that’s going on in the world. At the end of the day it’s all just kind of noise. You have to block it out and make yourself focus on the good aspects. Whether you find that in art or music.”

You’ll have a chance to catch these songs, as well as some classics when they hit the road this week. Andy mentioned the band hasn’t toured in a hot sec, and he is more than excited to see the fans and rekindle the band’s relationship with them. He notes that all members of the band started playing instruments around 11-years-old and “being able to get out every night and try to have that moment where you connect with the fans, and you’re feeling the same thing at the same moment, is pretty special. Having done this as long as we have, the fans grow into friends and what ultimately feels like a family.”

The atmosphere of the shows is just as important as the crowd itself. YRS says there is something special about playing in a more intimate venue and having better interactions with a small room rather than a 5,000 person capacity. I can speak from experience, that no matter the size of venue you see the band in, they will get you moving and probably screaming some lyrics (because what is more fun and empowering than yelling “You’re so fucked up, but I love it” with a crowd full of strangers? Not much. Not much at all).

Photo by Jessie Deflorio

The band will be pretty busy for awhile. They have recently been looking into new record labels that will help them grow their music, touring, and writing process. “At the end of the day it will mean a lot more music and a lot more touring for us.” We couldn’t be more excited for the new opportunities for this band.

All of the hard work, obviously allows for some fun down time. The band recently went to Disney World on one of their off days from their tour with Magic Giant. Being a Disney fan myself, this topic may have been a large majority of the interview. The band spent the day meeting Darth Vader and Kylo Ren (who was apparently really creepy), getting stuck on the Haunted Mansion for 15 minutes, watching the fireworks from the monorail, and posing in front of the Rockin’ Rollercoaster, all while wearing Photo via Instagram fanny packs.

“It was a joke initially, but I was amazed by the convenience of it. I just popped everything in it and that was the best thing I took away from the Disney trip. I may need to utilize it in the future.”

Maybe some YRS-branded fanny packs will be available at the merch-table during the next tour. Either way, we can’t wait for the new music and hopefully more “#DadsatDisney" pictures from the band. ​ Catch them on tour. Listen to their music here.