Moscow Apartment debunk misconceptions

“’Orange’ is about that weird time of day, that weird feeling you get, when everything doesn’t feel completely quite real. I think around sunset it happens to people."

Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla, two young women from Toronto, are navigating their way to adulthood while composing songs to make sense of their coming of age experiences.

“I don’t think we try to write coming of age or teenage-y songs, but I think they just end up being about that because that’s who we are and what we know," said Fry.

When asked about their age, Fry deadpanned, "43 and 78-- we just look really young," making it obvious that it's an irksome factor in their careers as Moscow Apartment.

“Toronto is so supportive, but at the same time because we are young women and because although there are a lot of girls who are supporting us, we are still at odds against the patriarchy in our society and in the music world," said Padilla.

The two recently started making waves in Canada after winning the under 18 category in the Canadian Songwriting Competition. Shortly after, the 15 and 16 year-old were welcomed to the Slaight Music family and Hidden Pony Records after winning another competition.

“While everyone is really supportive, we are always going to have to try to prove ourselves as young people," added Fry. "People can’t help but think they’re young, they’re going to be bad. I think something I struggle with is I haven’t had a lot of time to get really good at my instrument. I’ve only been around for 15 years. I think for us it’s hard because some people are amazing musicians where I haven’t had time to hone in on my guitar playing skills.”

Padilla agreed with her songwriting partner and stated,“I feel like there’s an expectation or a misconception around kids doing music that if you’re a kid doing music, you need to be some sort of prodigy. We are not prodigies. We’re just doing it because it’s fun, and we really enjoy it, and it’s a great way to express ourselves. People expect us to be really good at our instruments technically, and we’re not there yet.”

It's obvious that Moscow Apartment is taking the time to discover themselves as artists organically.

“It’s weird because, at least for me, I don’t really go into a song like I need to write about this," said Padilla. "It doesn’t work for me. I feel like a lot of the songs we write just send up being coming of age because that’s what’s really shaping our lives right now.”

“Yeah, I think we both have a very organic writing process. I’ll have stuff on my mind and write lyrics about it and not a write a whole song about it but write lyrics here and there about stuff I’m feeling and put it together," said Fry.

However, don't be fooled by their humbleness. Both have been involved in music since they were playing on the playground. Before winning the songwriting contest, they released a five song EP independently and are now in the middle of writing their second EP.

“We’re really pushing ourselves to try to find a new sound," said Fry. "We’re trying to write as much as possible.”

With no official release date for the EP, the two are taking the time to make sure they get it right. In the meantime, they put out a single titled, "Orange." The lyrics are subtly powerful, and the composition carries the message through until the last 3 minutes and 21 seconds.

“I think we both have very strong ideas of what we want our music to sound like. I think when we were writing ‘Orange’—for me at least—I knew I wanted this song to have horns as soon as we wrote it.”

Padilla agreed with, “We just wanted it to have a very poppy feel and had a lot of ideas and kind of made them happen.”

The members are very forthright about being new to the industry and discussed how they've changed stylistically just since their first EP was put out a year ago.

“Recording the EP was rushed too, production wise.-- We had never really recorded before that EP so I think stylistically and production-wise, we’ve changed a lot since that.”

Moscow Apartment did a tour run with The Good Lovelies, played along side Dream Wife and many more. Stay up to date with the band here.