Molly Parden, the queen of turning heartaches into hits

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Dark Matter had the opportunity to speak with Molly Parden this past week about her heartbreaking new single titled, "Who Did You Leave For Me." The single is going to accompany a forthcoming full-length album in 2018 -- we just hope the record includes more heartbreak ballads, because who doesn't love a little self-loathing now and then?

“I know that [the single] could be taken in at least one of two ways, but it really just came out of a confusing breakup where it wasn’t very clear why the break up happened,” She recalled.

​“About after eight or nine months of kind of racking my brain of like what did I do wrong? When did this start? Why didn’t I see this coming? I just kind of figured that there was somebody else in the picture, and it was the allure of another woman. So the question was like who was the person that caused our breakup that you left me to go be with?”

Photo by Andy Lee

It was later in her explanation that we realized the song could be interpreted a few different ways, which is why the title is a straight punch in the gut. The first way is probably the more obvious; the thought of an abandoned lover being left and wanting to know who was the better option. When Parden discussed another interpretation of the single, our emotions came full circle. “Who out there did you think would be a better fit for me? Not like who did you break up with to be with me? It was who did you leave to take your place? I was like, ‘Oh, this works. It could be a play-on-words. This is great.’”

“Who Did You Leave for Me” is one of the two singles Parden has released that will be on her new full-length record that is anticipated to be released this year.

Parden explained the plan is to release two more singles in addition to the two she's already released throughout the year leading up to the record, but she doesn’t have a set time frame. “I’d like to release it this year or in my lifetime,” she joked. “I’m kind of waiting for other pieces of the puzzle to make their way towards each other.”

Whatever the pieces may be, finding talented musicians is not one of them. Parden’s excitement over the musicians she's Photo / Design by Andy Lee & Judson Collier

collaborating with was evident in her voice.

“It’s sounding really cool. I don’t know how else to say it. It’s in great hands,” she said. “My favorite guitar player, Juan Solorzano has been my friend since I’ve moved to town. He’s probably played on more records than I’ve sung on, which is a lot. He’s just one of the most humble, meek, brilliant people that I’ve met…I asked him to play with me probably four

Photo by Laura E. Partain years ago and was just blown away how well he served my songs. A lot of guitar players that I see are just stoked to be on stage and just stoked to shred and be loud. I never heard Juan play like that. He’s always just there for the song and to support whose ever playing. It’s just refreshing and so beautiful."

"Zach Dyke, who has also been a friend of mine since I’ve known Juan, probably longer, he’s currently the bass player for COIN, the pop band from Nashville. He and Juan have made records over the past year, and they just sound incredible. They’re such a good team together."

​"Zach has produced several records, all of Liza Anne’s music. He’s a good friend of mine and so it’s just a dream to work with both of them. They’re so chill, and we’re taking our time and make great sounds.”

If you’ve listened to songs from her first record, “Time is Medicine,” or her EP, “With Me in The Summer,” you'll find that both pieces still have the unique-folky sound she’s known for. So, we wanted to know if her sound has altered for the new record.  “It’s gotten a little sadder,” she said. “It hasn’t really evolved that much honestly. I still write about whatever is plaguing my mind. I still just find the sweetest people to work with, and it’s just my luck that they happen to be the most talented. But, I guess my sound is branching out to include strings, brass, and some woodwinds. I still think it sounds like me, for sure. People won’t be like who’s this?”

Although she grew up in Georgia, she’s now based in Nashville, Tennessee. We asked her what it's like being surrounded by artists and musicians 24/7. 

“It’s just full of a lot of talented people,” she said. “It is full of country music and people who are pursuing pop-country, bro-country and classic country, but it’s also just full of talented people that either love to sing or play guitar and are willing to kind of play with anyone because they love it."

Molly Parden will be in Michigan, Ilinois and Minneapolis at the end of March -- grab more info here.  Make sure to listen to her new singles here.

Photo by Andy Lee