Melanie Martinez at Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta

Melanie Martinez came to Atlanta (Coca-Cola Roxy) on October 15th. This tour was to promote her recent album release, "K-12." The album was accompanied by a movie of the same title, made up by a compilation of music videos. The visual masterpiece and tracks touched on current societal issues while providing upbeat sounds and a soft aesthetic. Melanie is very well known for diving into controversial subjects through pink and cotton. The show's set-up followed the film very closely, reenacting it as accurately as possible in a live stage. Fans dressed up as "Crybaby," Melanie's famous persona, and attended "K-12" as students. If you'd like to be part of this experience, you should catch Melanie Martinez on her following tour dates. Every ticket sold on this tour will go to support organizations bringing "dignity, equity, and access to communities who need it." Don't hesitate to grab yours!

You can listen to her here:

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