Mallrat says new EP will have you feeling like a space cadet

We have an EP releasing this Friday that very well may become your summer go-to. Grace Shaw AKA Mallrat  from Brisbane, releases her highly-anticipated sophomore EP, In the Sky on June 1st.

Her first EP, Uninvited, was killer. Check out our personal favorites, "Suicide Blonde" and "Sunglasses" to get a feel for her tunez.

The authentic and brutally honest 19 year-old doesn't hold anything back. Not only that, but she's so god damn relatable. She puts her thoughts into lyrics backed by electronic-pop synths and melodies and creates a real piece of art. Even better, you know she's being genuine. If you follow her on any of her socials [we do], you can literally hear her personality come through into the music.

Mallrat is an artist to watch. Just this year, she opened for Post Malone on his Australian tour, played SXSW and is winning contests left and right. But let her music speak for herself. She took a hot second to answer some of our questions in between preparing for the release of her EP.

Super excited to hear the EP. What can listeners expect? Thank you! I think every song on the EP is very different and beautiful in it’s own way, but I always advise keeping low expectations so they can be consistently exceeded.

Is there a reoccurring theme throughout? As I finished the EP, I realised I repeated the lyrics ‘In The Sky’ a lot, so the EP feels like day dreaming and staring out windows and being a bit of a space cadet.

Have you noticed anything about your writing and recording process changing since your first EP? The first EP is the first songs I ever made, so I was really just figuring it out as I went. This time round I had a much better understanding and appreciation of production, and a lot more confidence in my decisions.

I saw that your track “UFO” hit over 4 million streams on Spotify; how does that feel? It’s really cool but it doesn’t really make me feel much! That sort of thing doesn’t translate into actual feelings until you are at a show and people are singing back to you; that feels incredible.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far? There have been so many cool things! Supporting Post Malone when he came to Australia at the beginning of the year was sick. And I love that I can travel because of music, that is always exciting for me.

Is there a song that is your favorite to perform live? Any song that people loudly sing along to feels special.

How does it feel to be selling out shows on your tour? Very exciting! I can’t wait for this tour.

Is there a show you’re looking forward to the most? I’m really looking forward to a festival called Splendour in the Grass, and I’m really looking forward to all of the shows on my tour.

Who are some artists that you think are absolutely killing it right now? Jack River, King Princess, Cupcakke, SOPHIE and Billie EIlish are some of my current favourites!

Lastly, why do you keep doing this? What inspires you to get out of bed each morning? It’s really fun and fulfilling, and I have contractual obligations!

If this interview didn't make you feel in love, you obviously don't have a heart. Make sure to buy her EP ASAP and if you're lucky enough to live in the land down-under, catch a show if it's not already sold out in June. As for the rest of us? Don't worry we can feel it in the air that a major announcement is coming our way this year.