Mac DeMarco at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Oregon

On May 9th, Mac DeMarco kicked off his Here Comes The Cowboy tour at Eugene, Oregon's McDonald Theatre. It was the second show of the tour to promote his album, "Here Comes The Cowboy", which was released the following day. The indie rock album captures the sound that Mac has been consistent with throughout his career and is now closely associated with his name. This album is a bit more mellow than his previous records. Mac's voice has a quality that is so calming and gentle. This album really compliments that quality. "All of Our Yesterdays", one of the first songs Mac played at his Eugene show, was a personal highlight and favorite for me during this album. It has a calming aspect to it that makes it so easy to listen to over and over again. Although there are heartfelt songs on the album, there are also jokey and weird songs like "Choo Choo". It brings light notes to the album to compliment the more serious songs. The album is a perfect summary of Mac and his personality.

I've been to the McDonald Theatre for a variety of shows over my time here in Oregon, but I have never quite seen the venue as alive as it was this night. The show was completely sold out, and everyone was trying to find a spare ticket to see him perform. I could feel the anticipation and excitement from the crowd even before the opening act hit the stage. He played classic songs that everyone knew and sang along to, as well as songs from his album that was yet to be released, which was met with the same passion and energy as the classics. Jokes were made throughout the night by him and his band, and you could really tell that they wanted this to be a night to remember in Eugene. I have never seen so many people genuinely dancing at a show. Even people all the way in the back were just as into the music as those who were lucky enough to be barricade for this highly anticipated show. The energy Mac brought to the stage let concert goers know this was a night to let loose and have fun. Mac would even occasionally laugh during songs. Although I went into the night not being too familiar with Mac and his music, he really left an impression on me and everyone there that night.