Lindsey Stirling Heating Up in Phoenix on Warmer in the Winter Tour

The winter holidays mark an interesting time of the year, whether its arguing over when it's the appropriate time to break out Grandma’s favorite Michael Bublé album, how the infamous Black Friday should be spent and when it should start, or what the hell your Starbucks cup looks like. Yet, it’s also a joyous time of year with holiday events quickly filling up calendars. None are more exciting than Lindsey Stirling’s annual winter holiday tour, Warmer in the Winter (formerly "The Wanderland Tour"). Warmer in the Winter, a homage to the Phoenix native’s fond memories of a not-so white Christmas, features everything you’d expect out of a Christmas show and more.

Stirling was accompanied on the keys by Kit Nolan and Drew Steen on the drums as well as four incredibly talented dancers. They performed holiday classics like "All I Want for Christmas," "Sugar Plum Dance," "We Three Gentlemen," and of course, a rendition of "Carol of the Bells" that vies with August Burns Red for this metalhead’s favorite arrangement of the song. Lindsey Stirling also brought originals like the fan favorite "Crystalize," took to the microphone for "Santa Baby," and brought a bit of whimsical to the stage with a performance on a set of children’s instruments. Needless to say, the show was anything but boring.

Between all the lights, sounds, and the high energy choreography, Stirling acknowledged that the holiday season has two real motifs: you have the joyful “holiday cheer” side and the more thankful, wholesome, “appreciate where you are and who you’re with” side. This acknowledgement was followed by a beautiful violin and acoustic guitar cover of Jeff Buckley’s "Hallelujah." Stirling took a few opportunities to share herself with the audience. She shared stories of loss and adversity and what it took for her to find the strength to persevere. Before performing "Between Twilight" off her latest album, Artemis, she shared what the song meant to her and her intention for her fans. “No one can write your story,” she explained. The song was inspired by the moon as it brings light into darkness. She urged fans to reflect on themselves during the song and realize their own gifts, but more importantly, to stop letting other people decide what those gifts are.

Whether you’re looking for a heart-warming Christmas show, to watch a true violin virtuoso, or if you just appreciate great talent and being entertained, the Lindsey Stirling Warmer in the Winter tour brought it all.