Let's talk about Pollyanna's "Good For You"

New Jersey trio Pollyanna ended February with a bang. The indie-rock group’s new single “Good For You” fell into our laps here at Dark Matter, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Pollyanna, which consists of front-woman Jill Beckett, drummer Dan McCool, and bassist Brandon Bolton has achieved a strong and consistent band chemistry allowing the three to successfully throw us into a reality that many of us may not want to truly face: sometimes things just don’t work out in a relationship.

Beckett says, “It explains that you and that specific someone are just not right for each other. It’s inevitable that you will have to rip the band-aid off and end the relationship.”

With the explosive introduction, "You don’t understand why I’m like this, Well let me just tell you this"-- she captured this image perfectly.

I was roped in, and my full attention was caught. It wasn’t because of the shouting or the instrumental but because of the vulnerability of it all. Right off the bat, you’re tossed into lyrics that show you not only the face of the band, but also the face of the world around you.

It’s a vicious cycle when a significant other either can’t or won’t understand why their words and actions don’t at all line up with how you envision the relationship or want it to be, eventually causing frustration, something that Beckett acknowledges as well.

We go in circles, never making amends

Straying away from, being on the same page

This could perhaps constitute my favorite line in the song. I related heavily, which connected me as a listener and a writer.

It hurts when distance is put between you and someone you love, especially when you’re on two different pages in life and in thought. I love the lyricism that this song offers, and I think that you as a listener might find your own relation to the song.

Pollyanna is a band to watch in the music scene, especially starting off their 2020 with a release like this. From the consistent and strong instrumental to relatable feel of the lyrics and the understanding that they bring to the ears who listen, I recommend this song go on all of those rowdy playlists this summer. We here at Dark Matter will certainly be adding it to ours.