KXA feat. Candice Lee release single, "Feel The Same"

Candice Lee and producer KXA’s passionate new single “Feel The Same” brings electronic dance beats and powerful vocals together to create a song that reflects on how it feels to be confused about where you stand in a relationship.

Candice Lee is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter, harpist and guitarist based out of Philadelphia. Her previous pop powerhouse singles include “Invisible” and “The Charm.” Her music blends pop, rock and EDM, with her lyrics staying true to her commitment to being emotionally connected with her fans and followers.

22-year-old independent artist and producer KXA first gained popularity through Trap Nation and Soundcloud with his remixes of Melanie Martinez and his original song, “Gladius.” His music is dedicated to showing the diversity that can be found within the future bass/trap music genre.

“Feel The Same” begins with the lyrics, “we’re writing our story, but I’m a chapter ahead,” immediately setting the tone for the song. Lee’s heartfelt lyricism puts the feeling of losing your grip on a relationship with someone into words.

As the lyrics build in emotion, so does the music behind them. The first verse paints the picture of a relationship that might be moving too fast, “and now we’re movin’ fast, but you don’t know it- you’re living in the moment.” The melody behind the lyrics is slow and emotional.

The hook begins with the question, “do you think about me as much as I think about you? You say you do, but I still get so nervous you don’t feel the same.” Then comes to an end and the music behind her voice pauses before the drop comes in. It’s an electric blend of future bass and dance synths that produces the same level of emotion as the lyrics themselves do. For Lee, this song is about wondering if you’re on the same page as someone “in any type of relationship, whether it’s in terms of feelings, attraction, and/or values.”

“Feel The Same” is an example of electronic music’s ability to invoke emotion. With powerful lyricism and flow throughout, this song is for anyone who has gone through confusion and hardship in a relationship.