Kim Petras at Lincoln Hall in Chicago

In late April, pop artist, Kim Petras, announced her first ever headlining tour, the BROKEN Tour, with a DJ set from Mazurbate. The tour was revealed alongside her single “Broken,” which was the 1st single that Petras released since the end of "Era 1," a color-coded collection of singles. On June 20th, Petras stopped at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall for a sold-out show. Tickets for many shows on the tour, including Chicago, sold out about 15 minutes after going on sale.

NYC DJ and the stylish Mazurbate warned up the crowd. Mazurbate, also known as Matthew Mazur, played a 45-minute set where he spent it mixing other artist’s songs. Songs that he mashed together include: “Misery Business” by Paramore, “Act Up” by City Girls, “I’m A Slave 4 U” by Britney Spears, and even “The Lonely Goatherd” from The Sound of Music. Though Mazur didn’t talk at all through the set, it was made very apparent that the crowd did enjoy the DJ's set. Once his set was over, there was swift interlude into Kim Petras’ set.

Kim Petras arrived on stage with her producer/DJ, Aaron Joseph, who may very well be the world’s best hype-man, they kicked off the set with one of Kim’s most recent releases, “Got My Number.” Throughout Petras’ performance, she had a total of 3 outfit changes and frequently lighted up the stages. At one point, just before her breakout single “I Don’t Want It At All,” she delivered an emotional speech about how pop music helped her growing up as a trans kid. As Petras rings in her new project, it has been established that compared to the “bratty” pop songs she made in Era 1that she is taking a more personal route about past relationships and the feelings that follow. So far, Petras has released nine singles from her upcoming project Clarity, which was released today. Kim Petras is a pop sensation on the rise, and it is encouraged that you get on board with her sooner rather than later.


Kim Petras