Keith Wallen releases alt-pop summer anthem

Keith Wallen's latest release, "Summer Sundays," is everything an alt-pop track should be. The opening verse subtly builds up to the chorus with a distinguished beat and haunting synths as Wallen reflects on an easier time, slowly sounding lighter. His memories becoming indelible in your mind with the lyrics, " Just star crossed runaways/No looking back now/Lost in the charade/On a summer Sunday."

"The inspiration for 'Summer Sunday' was a combination of the nostalgia of looking back to the youthful days of young love, being young in general, and a fondness of 80’s music.  The feeling of freedom, without a care in the world except for the present moment with that special someone," said Wallen.

Better known as a guitarist for the rock band, Breaking Benjamin, Wallen shows a different side of him musically with his solo career, showcasing his versatility and passion for music. His last solo-release was an EP titled, "Allies," in 2014. The long gap can be accounted for his other responsibilities with Breaking Benjamin and finalizing every synth and sound in the track.

"The length of time between released material was due to my other musical priorities, and also because I wanted to make sure I was happy with the quality of how everything sounded. 'Summer Sunday' was chosen as the first single because I felt it was a strong song to come out with, plus it happens to be summer time!"

With one last month of summer, "Summer Sunday" is the perfect pop track to make your own summer memories with Wallen's voice as the background music.

Stream it on Spotify here.