K.Flay's Solutions Tour at the Wiltern in Los Angeles

The historic Wiltern Theatre in the heart of Los Angeles' Koreatown has seen thousands of shows since its debut as a vaudeville theatre in 1931, but none quite like the show that Alt 98.7 and K.Flay brought to the theatre this Wednesday with support from Your Smith and Meg Meyers on her Solutions Tour. The tour's namesake, "Solutions," was released this past July, making this tour K. Flay's first full US headline tour in nearly a year and a half.

Opening the show was Your Smith, brainchild of the recently re-monikered Caroline Smith of the eponymous indie band. She woke up the sleepy after-work crowd that trickled in with her songs "Wild, Wild Woman" and "Bad Habit" before whipping them into a throwback frenzy with her epic cover of Wilson Philips' "Hold On" and keeping the home fires lit for the rest of the night with my personal favorite bop of hers, "Ooh Wee!"

Meg Meyers bounded out, riding the energy that Your Smith left going and started the second act, basking in the multi-colored lights as she launched into "Jealous Sea." She got the crowd singing along with her cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill," which has been in heavy rotation on the LA alternative stations. Meyers poured her soul out onto the stage and left it all there as the packed house waited for the main event.

Between sets, the stage transformed to an asymmetrical pyramid of glowing cubes and pulsating screens with spare instruments set up, emerging from the darkness as three lanky silhouettes climbed in it, K.Flay herself, joined by her band, Will Baldacchi and Josh Lippi. K.Flay, known offstage as Kristine Flaherty, has a career spanning all of the twenty-teens, and her 19-song setlist spanned all of it, with highlights from her latest, "Solutions," as well. The show started with her latest single, "Not in California," a song that could easily serve as Greta Thunberg's theme son, truly a stomping opener to a great set.

Following, were two more songs from "Solutions" before reaching back to her previous two albums and back to new. Halfway through the set Flaherty and Co. broke down for an acoustic set, performing crooners "Nervous" and "Can't Sleep" before playing a cover of Liz Phair's "Fuck and Run." Despite being one of Los Angeles' largest theatres, K.Flay managed to make the evening seem intimate, even as the acoustic set gave way to more songs off of Solutions and more fan favorites from her archives before disappearing off stage without a word at the end of "High Enough." The crowd grew to a roar, cheering and screaming in the hopes of an encore. After a beat, the lights started pulsing again and K.Flay and her band of merry gentlemen returned to the stage and played her popular singles "Sister" and "Blood in the Cut," the latter performed through a steady stream of glittering confetti before all three collapsed to the stage in the fading crescendo and hugged before stepping off stage to the roar of the crowd.

Your Smith

Meg Meyers