Jules Walcott, the new face of dark pop

Long Island songstress, Jules Walcott, had her music career literally sky-rocket over night thanks to a viral video of her singing an Evanescence power ballad.

Walcott's catchy debut single, "Please Leave A Message," showcased her ability to write engaging lyrics in the world of dark pop that many artists have yet to capture. Her latest release, "First At The Altar," slowly escalates until the chorus, where Walcott sings a painful ballad full of emotion.

Did you think anything was going to come out of that viral Instagram video?

When my cover went viral, I was blown away by the response I received and it was very unexpected. I posted the video on impulse on a Thursday night at one am after a rough day, and thought to myself “What else do I have to lose.” Within the next few days I had received and email from a huge Instagram account, @listentothesevoices, asking if they could get my permission to repost my cover on their page. I agreed without much thought and went on about my day. A good 20 minutes later, my phone began to blow up with notifications. As I refreshed the page over and over, I started to notice the views increasing by the minute. Within the day, the video had reached hundreds of thousands of people.

Has it been overwhelming?

It was a little overwhelming at first because I wasn’t used to my newfound fame, but it was a very good feeling to have such a large amount of people vibe with me and my vocals.

Why did you choose "Please Leave a Message" as your first single?

I wanted my first song I released to be something a lot of people can relate to. So many of my friends or just people I know have been ignored by people they care about. In today’s society, avoiding confrontation is such an easy thing to do because we have option to leave someone on read. We place so much of our self worth on how much others love us which shouldn’t be the case, and I wanted to write a song to let everyone who has been in this same situation know that they aren’t going through it alone.

What inspired you to write "First At The Altar?"

“First At The Altar” was lyrically one of the most exciting, yet challenging songs I have ever written. Written in my perspective about the time I was cheated on in a relationship, the writing process of this song was clearly driven on the emotion surrounding this experience. As I started writing the song, my goal was for it to be a diss at the person who cheated on me. As I kept writing, I began to discover that I wasn’t writing a diss track, I was writing about the inner conflict I constantly struggle with, where I let some else’s actions take control of my life.

So, in your newest music video you're in a graveyard; what's the significance of that?

The significance of the graveyard has to do with the lyric of the song “carve my name on your grave.” The person I wrote the song about really put me in a dark place in my life, and I wanted to convey that dark and eerie energy within the music video.

How does it feel to be compared to Evanescence?

It is definitely an incredible feeling. Amy Lee is an incredible vocalist, and one of my biggest inspirations for music.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Do you plan on releasing an EP?

I do plan on releasing an EP within the year. I would love to perform a lot more shows and be able to meet some of the people who support my music!

What is something that would surprise listeners about you?

Something people might not realize about me is that I’m an extremely funny, light-hearted person. A lot of my music is really dark, deep and serious. I like to put all my dark energy into my songs and lock it up within them because I don’t keep that energy inside of me.

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