Jai Wolf at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Oregon

On May 12th, Jai Wolf came to Eugene, Oregon's McDonald Theatre to promote his newest album, "The Cure to Loneliness", which was released April 5th. The indie electronic album tells the story about seeking connection with songs that have influences across genres. You can see influences of hip hop, early 2000s alternative bands, and even some Bollywood. It has softer, emotional songs like "Drowning" that features Robokid, while still including upbeat EDM songs like "Manic Pixie Dream" and "Lose My Mind" that features Mr. Gabriel (which is my personal favorite off the album).

Jai Wolf's show was my first experience of an electronic show. I was apprehensive at first, being someone who exclusively goes to alternative and indie concerts. I knew this would be a whole other crowd and experience. Although it ended up not being the crowd for me and my taste, I can't deny that Wolf had put on an explosive and engaging performance. The community that he had supporting him seemed open. I saw complete strangers bond in just seconds, connecting with their love for his music and the EDM scene. He made the room feel alive with his music and seemed to have a major impact on the fans at the show that night.

Here are some highlights from the night: