Issues at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta

The band Issues went on the road once again in support of their new album, Beautiful Oblivion. The Beautiful Oblivion Tour consisted of various supporting acts such as Sleep Token, Lil Aaron, and Polyphia. These artists put on a show on December 14th at Buckhead Theatre. The venue was packed since it was Issues' hometown show, and the fans had such an exciting lineup to look forward to. The energy from the crowd was absolutely insane. Having seen the main act perform at this venue just a few months prior, concert-goers were able to feel right at home and go all out. The night was filled with mosh pits and crowd surfing. Not to mention, every single act kept complimenting the crowd. In the wise words of Tyler Carter, "ATL HOE!"

You can listen to them here:

Sleep Token | Spotify | Apple Music

Lil Aaron | Spotify | Apple Music

Polyphia | Spotify | Apple Music

Issues | Spotify | Apple Music

Lil Aaron: