Inspiration behind Cub Sport's self-titled album

It's been 13 days since the eclectic, pop album of our dreams we've all ever hoped for was released into the world. Cub Sport's discography takes you on the journey lead singer Tim Nelson has had with becoming and owning himself and his relationship. This third record, appropriately self-titled, sounds and feels like the ultimate, artistic and emotional freedom.

The hit, "Sometimes"-- which has gotten plenty of radio time-- is a powerful ballad written about the LGBTQ+ community and Nelson and husband Sam Netterfield becoming a voice for the community. The track is lyrically raw and honest, accompanied by a club-like arrangement that builds up into the chorus.

Cub Sport proves with every track-- from the absolute, feel-good bop,"Party Pill," to the freeing declaration,"I'm Not Scared"-- that the industry is constantly evolving and the only way to make it is through is being 100% honest with yourself.

Their last record, "BATs," symbolized Nelson's internal battle, and "Cub Sport" is him saying I am myself, and I am so much more than any label I might be given. Where can the band go next? I'm not sure, but with Cub Sport, the possibilities are limitless.

Lead Singer Tim Nelson curated a playlist of songs that inspired their third record. Take a look below.

Photo by Natalie Jurrgens.

"This collection of songs feels like it captures the sonic realm of 'Cub Sport' by Cub Sport. Each of these tracks hits me right in the heart - they’re super emotive but also uplifting - I feel like that’s the same energy throughout our new record." - Tim Nelson

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