Inspiration behind Bahari's latest, "Crashing"

Bahari have gone through many changes this year and along the way, they have found their sound. Now a duo, Natalia Panzarella and Ruby Carr put out their first collab of 2019 with producer and DJ Illenium called "Crashing."

Starting out as a bubble-gum pop group under Interscope Records, to breaking away and finding their artistic independence and releasing singles like "Fucked Up" and "Savage," Bahari has literally grown up with their discography. "Crashing" is a repose from their heavy content they've been putting out, showing their vulnerable side, and they still know all of the components to a damn, good pop song.

Natalia and Ruby curated a playlist of music they've been listening to and helped inspire "Crashing." Listen and share:

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