iDKHOW BUT THEY FOUND ME at Lincoln Hall in Chicago

On May 15th the two-man band I Don’t Know How But They Found Me stopped in Chicago on their Night Heat tour for a sold out show at Lincoln Hall. The show was hosted by one of Chicago’s main rock radio stations, 101 WKQX, who host monthly show cases at various locations in support of new music. Superet, who released their debut album, How To Work a Room, on May 17th opened by playing songs off the album like “Comes as Relief,” “Go to Sleep Kimberly,” and “Gash on The Cheek." The band also delivered a cover of “Girls & Boys” by Blur.

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me finally took the stage and performed a wide variety of songs from 1981 EXTENDED PLAY like “Choke”, “Bleed Magic”, and “Do It All The Time.” Weekes and Seamen even incorporated songs from their former band, The Brobecks, like “Boring” and “Visitation From a Ghost”, they also covered Beck’s “Debra” and Hot IQ’s “Iggy Pop.



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