Hippo Campus at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon

Hippo Campus, the indie rock band from St. Paul, Minnesota, are currently touring to accompany their recent album release, "Bambi." Released on September 28th of 2018, Bambi focused on a variety of topics from mental health to growing up with a partner. The lyrics on the album are raw and vulnerable and backed by a new, but still very Hippo Campus sound. The album was named after lead singer Jake Luppen's aunt, Bambi. The band would go on writing retreats at her lake-house and a place they all collectively feel comfortable in. With songs off this album, as well as their previous work, the band was able to create a high energy, enjoyable show that attendees will not forget anytime soon.

On February 4, they stopped at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon. Here are some memorable moments from the show:

Photography by Kyla Rudd.